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jeux prometteur à surveiller/promising video games to watch
Collezione di Sigurd
Dr.Alex Great Collection
Collezione di dokartist
Самые любимые игры и не только!
Things I want on Linux
Collezione di johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮]
Stuff… go look.
моя коллекция
Collezione di [boetz]***Pycckuu^
это моя коллекция и интересна мне она
Important Games
Collezione di ✭Blazing Purgatory✭
Greenlight's Finest
Collezione di Abandonations
Will include games with more than good visual presentations, Original gameplay, Concepts. We know that not every game are worthy, out of respect from the time the developer's has spent. but still, its all about the players point of view, its not...
great looking greenlight games (in my opinion)
Collezione di ArmyRanger
in this collection i will be putting some good looking greenlite games (in my opinion) into this collection
Fav games :D
Collezione di <HBS>GLaDOS
Collezione di Kettenmorder
Jogos q pretendo jogar quando lançarem
Collezione di JohannBlaze420
Esse jogos são jogos q pretendo jogar quando lançarem um grande exemplo é fnaf 2!
Sidular Interactive
Collezione di [DRS] Sidular Mysteec!
Sidular Interactive video games and creative content.
GR33NL!T CoLLeCtion
Collezione di [1M] YOSHIYUKI [MY]
just a collection of game that i like that all
Fish Approved Games
Collezione di djfishfish
My Personal Choice of games.
Source Sauce Playlist
Collezione di SHOUBI°♫
Most of them are nowadays free standalone on Steam but used to be previous Valve Source engine modifications.. Play Fistful of Frags ːwhiskeybottleː [url=http://stor...
Zork Treasure Chest
Collezione di Zorky
I am a gamer mixed with sci fi and fantasy with a dash of steampunk, I am the Zork Grand Inquisitor and this is my collection of games I want to see get made and greenlighted.
Titles that I Show Interest In
Collezione di SirDannyMacFinn
This collection is of video games that I show interest in. Things ranging from concepts to greenlight to fully released games. You'll get a taste of what kinds of games I like, and maybe you'll discover something you like too. Enjoy
Vehicles&Machine Sim
Collezione di Binco
Awesome Indie Games
Collezione di Lord_Wicki
This is a collection of awesome Indie Developers and all the hard work they have put into their love of games.
Collezione di meow bitch
Green Wishlist
Collezione di Cleowolf
A gallery of games that have captured my interest,curiousity to possiably purchase or free play them. If they ever become avaiable on the Steamline Store.
Collezione di ohkrapp
Collezione di Andrakann
Something looks promising for me.
good games
Collezione di Haydenh2
really good games i know the owners people i admirer and want to be like :)
cool retro puzzle games
Collezione di emmet
cool retro puzzle games
Sackboykenny's Favorites.
Collezione di Kentura
This is my collection of some of my favorite greenlight games hope you enjoy it!
Catbvan's Favourites
Collezione di Catbvan
Just my favourite greenlight submits yo <3
Collezione di D1gital Reaper
This is the collection of all the games that are Greenlit, Aka Approved!
Intriguing Adventure Games
Collezione di adularia25
These are interesting adventure games that I would love to sink my teeth (and time) into. These are games with art I find to be unique, lovely or fitting to the style of the game. These are games with what looks to be a solid story with strong chara...
Pig-Min's pick.
Collezione di [Pig-Min] mrkwang
mrkwang, admin of Pig-Min made this collection. Just personal.
Collezione di Newton64
Games by Montreal hobbyists and hobbits.
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