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Collezione di Arturburtz
The Football (Soccer) Collection
Collezione di AussieGold
A collection of games available on Steam Greenlight relating to the World Game!
Collezione di XCanG
Коллекция из интересных модификаций, улучшающих игру(-ы).
Science Fiction Gamez
Collezione di Lugana707
A collection of science fiction games I found interesting.
Collezione di etcmail
Fun Games
Collezione di |ArchWayRp|Buster
Collezione di Mozy312
Creative Visuals
Collezione di Súl Nathair
This collection is games which I think a visually beautiful while still looking to have great gameplay like FTL, Super Meat Boy, Fez, Bastion, etc
Playable Picks
Collezione di Kronos
Interesting games on Greenlight that have some playable form available, whether it's a demo, prototype, open/closed alpha or beta or even a final release that's just not available on Steam... basically anything that you can actually try out now.
Greenlight Games I Will Most Certainly Buy
Collezione di Mad Dawg 2020
Just a bunch of games I want to keep track of and will probably buy. They will probably vary in type but most will be picked because they remind me of personal favorites from the past or are something I am truly intuiged by and have never seen.
Collezione di [Soylent.Hero]
This will be a collection of smart table-top inspired adventure, puzzle, strategy, or role-playing games.
Collezione di TipsyTiny
interesting games
Jay is Greenlights
Collezione di Dora
I work for the indie game review site, and there's one thing I'm always looking for. Games. Awesome indie games. Awesome indie games that make you go, "Awwww yisss." Here is where I'm going to collect all the games I think you should check o
Incredible Ideas
Collezione di Qornet
A collection of the most interesting and unusual projects in Greenlight.
Games intersted in.
Collezione di Blueice12
Indie Games :D
Collezione di 🎃★❄©[🆅🅰🅻🆅🅴]®HunterSLAYER!™🎃★❄
Collection of Indie Games that i've planned to buy(and you should TOO!) if they ever made it on STEAM "Indie Game" collection Avatar/image taken from: "Play Indie" background/banner taken f
WalBao's greenlight collection
Collezione di WalBao
Here I keep greenlight games that piqued my interest in one way or another. Horror games, simulations, rpgesque stuff, action and indies, the good stuff in general. Multiplayer / co-op is desireable but not necessary.
Collezione di ™The Second Emperor Green
Collezione di BaconStrips
Games that have given me great intrest in seeing finished and/or curiousity with their different gaming format.
Greenlight wishlist
Collezione di Ape
Collezione di .Hartliss.
GL games that make you get that fuzzy feeling.
greenlight pack v.2
Collezione di ֍FoxusHun֍
HU (magyar) Steam Zőld út csomag v.2 Itt találhatjátok meg azokat a játékokat amik nagyobb érdeklődést mutatnak a Steam Zöld úton. Illetve azokat a játékokat is amelyeket a szerkesztőségünk is jónak talált. EN (English) Steam Greenlight pack v.2
Deserve The Green
Collezione di lividlegion
OREG: Oculus Rift Exploration Games
Collezione di AzureanStudios
First Person Exploration Games (FPEGs) that support the Oculus Rift or similar VR technology.
Check Out These Great Titles!
Collezione di PlagueofMidgets
These are just some of the amazing games worth voting for on Greenlight.
Juegos que compraria
Collezione di yeremy99
Collezione di Kaneki Ghoul
Jinx's Greenlight Favorites
Collezione di Jinx
Games worth checking out on Greenlight- vote them up!
Best Greenlights
Collezione di Talavok
The Best Greenlight Games go Here :)
Collezione di paveu*JPN
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