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Ov3RT4K3R's Favorites
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Ov3RT4K3R
Besides of all stuff which came through the Greenlight process here are some examples where I think it was a good decision to get it on the Steam Store.
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Anta baka?
Cat ^_^
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Mr. Cat *_*
Gyűjtemény alkotója: RackerH897
Half-Life Themed Mods / Games
Gyűjtemény alkotója: QuickNinjaCat
This is a collection of games (or mods) that are relating to the Half-Life series. Collection image (above) is by DPFilms.
Examples of games that SHOULD be greenlit
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Dr. Face || Kaosz
Here is a list of games that (in my opinion) deserve to be greenlit over the piles of shit that exist.
Cool games
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Enurriel #=_-#
Gyűjtemény alkotója: ragnarok2055
New Greenlight Gems to look out! This is for Titles yet to come, as well for Titles who have been already released, but are not yet in my Steam Collection.
Hovac One YouTuber Great Games Must Play NOW!!!
Gyűjtemény alkotója: 😈 𝐇𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐜 😇
These games in this collection I would love to play them ASAP and upload my gameplay to my YouTube channel will give my channel a type of uniqueness that a lot of viewers and gamers would love to see me play ...See My Youtube gaming channel and u wil
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