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Horror Games
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Locke
Horror Games that you should pay attention to.
My Favorites
Gyűjtemény alkotója: LaTaleFan1985
Some of my favorite games on Steam's Greenlight.^_^
Batman's Crazy Collection!
Gyűjtemény alkotója: GyroMeepo
This a collection of games I feel are creative, qwirky, and just crazy (in a good way)! Each game has a reason here: About me: I run Batman And Friends Party Co. and map. I am currently porting dm_lockdown to CSGO.
Papasmurf's Picks
Gyűjtemény alkotója: papaSmurf1038
A running list of games that happen to catch my eye. I tend to be quite picky about kinesthetics, and greatly value novel/interesting mechanics over graphical polish.
Cirno's collection of interesting games
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Nickolas Cat
Just a collection where i put a few titles that sound interesting, at least check them out please
My top 13
Gyűjtemény alkotója: serky
I love RPG/Strategy/TowerDefense/Turn-based games and I highly hope the ones in my top 10 will be greenlit!
Another 25 highly recommended Greenlight-titles
Gyűjtemény alkotója: DropDatDedenne
After going through all submissions as of today, I have gathered another 25 very promising titles. No limitations to the genre or what so ever, just some more games that I would really think will enhance the game library of Steam. So keep voting, for an e...
Youtube's "The Greenlight" Game List
Gyűjtemény alkotója: EpicManeuver
Jesse Cox (Omfgcata) and Josh Mattingly (indiestatik) join forces to spotlight those games on Steam's Greenlight that deserve your attention and (hopefully) your vote. Featuring initial playthroughs, reviews, and developer interviews - we'll take a look a...
Greenlight Favourites Collection
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Resolute
A collection of the very best in Greenlight projects which I have personally upvoted & favourited and reprsent some of my first choice games. Feel free to browes some of these projects and if you like, upvote them yourselves.
B-Back it up!
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Toikka
My picks for great Greenlight projects you should DEFINITELY help get to Steam.
Games of Interest
Gyűjtemény alkotója: JeffSachs
Games I have interest in and would like to promote. Generally not a fan of f2p, casual, sidescrollers & point and click adventures.
A Era de Ouro dos Indies
Gyűjtemény alkotója: NickBRCM
Os jogos Indies mais criativos da geração.
Die Sonderkollektion UniMoG - Greenlight
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Metalmaniac
Die Kollektion der Gruppe United Metalheads of Germany Wir werden hier die Greenlight-Interessen der Gruppe hinzufügen ;)
Gyűjtemény alkotója: gogol1er
horror survie
Gyűjtemény alkotója: zatrub
Quallity games,programms,images...
Crap that made me laugh
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Forger7
I'll add anything here that's bs with humour
The Roger Mann Best games!
Gyűjtemény alkotója: StormishCupcake
These are the games you may like! Vote for them if you like them!
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Marilynn
AWESOME GAMES ARE AWESOME! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! I mostly like mini games or simulation games, but hey! THEY ARE AMAZING!
Things I want on Linux
Gyűjtemény alkotója: johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮]
Stuff… go look.
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Shulillo
Mi coleccion
Greenlight favorites list
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Master Plum
Haters Gonna Hate
Gyűjtemény alkotója: 【★】P!nkLady【★】
My carefully hand-picked Greenlight favorites
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Kamiya
My collection runs the gamut from platformers to rpgs to fps 8 bit games. I especially love games with depth and most of the ones I picked have controller support (I, like you guys, am anticipating a Steam box.) Please send me recommendations if you lik...
like A dream
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Really Mad ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
Green Collection
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Shilow
waiting for the full release :3
Artsy Games
Gyűjtemény alkotója: [WaDa] Johnny
Here lies a collection of promising games, which have an "artsy" form. This can range anywhere from simply the art in the game to the storyline. FYI the games within are not my own, and are property of their creators.
GreenLight Col.1
Gyűjtemény alkotója: mazbax
Collection of 0zz's favorites
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Ozzi
My collection of greenlight games I'm looking forward to or already have and recommend to others.
Gyűjtemény alkotója: hipster doofus
Gyűjtemény alkotója: wλr - レガリア
Venez pour découvrir une collection regroupant des nombreux jeux indépendants et très intéressants visibles sur GreenLight -- Come to discover a collection regrouping numerous independent games and very interesting visible on GreenLight !
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