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Greenlight games
Συλλογή από: ITAsonnolo
Early Access Titel
Συλλογή από: johnny05
Early Access Spiele
Jogos que eu quero ter
Συλλογή από:
Estrategia / Strategy
Συλλογή από: crigueor
Juegos de estrategia / Strategy games...
Kawaii picks
Συλλογή από: xarabas
Just a random assortment of some weeaboo games which i found interesting
Minha Coleção
Συλλογή από: Roy Firebuster
Steam Greeenlight
Greenlight Games
Συλλογή από: Destroem
My Games
Συλλογή από: F1stawkaaa|Aee...uje ne tot ;c
Horrors, horrors and blood...
Battle Brothers
Συλλογή από: rapsdjff
Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix wherein you lead a band of mercenaries in a medieval fantasy world on the hunt for coin, fame and legendary artifacts. The gameplay is inspired by such classics as X-Com: UFO Defense and Jagged Alliance. ...
Greenlight Games
Συλλογή από: AssassinGhost18
COol games
Notable Greenlight titles
Συλλογή από: Pabo
A list of Greenlight titles that appeal to me and look interesting/promising. Most will be coming to Linux or have at least a port planned later on.
best of Greenlight!
Συλλογή από: DeathBat
Here will be the best games of Steam Greenlight, track and see which games are worth it! Every day, the games posted on the greenlight will be evaluated, and the best of course, will come here Aqui estarão os melhores jogos da Steam Greenlight,...
Συλλογή από: Teddy Rugburn
Games I would most definitely reccomend
Συλλογή από: [BA] Hashtag Man ###
cool games
Turn based strategy games
Συλλογή από: Overhype Studios
In this collection we want to gather some turn based strategy games, in particular RPGs. Bring back the good old days!
Συλλογή από: .arkadij=0000=
Συλλογή από: PSYGo
Games, die cool abgehen und spass machen :-))
My awsome collection
Συλλογή από: Jbmalone35
My collection will be about newly realeased games.
Following Collection
Συλλογή από: brandonlupo7
A collection of Steam Greenlight games that REALLY caught my attention and that i would like to follow to see where they go from when i voted. This collection will be for single player and co-op games only.
Συλλογή από: noiTKa
Greenlight Games die ich gerne hätte ;)
Συλλογή από: STANAGPOINT Interactive
STANAGPOINT Interactive Make This Online Games
В это стоит поиграть.
Συλλογή από: SerjRaise
Συλλογή από: AngryOmlette
Survival Games
Συλλογή από: Division Germania
come unturned
Συλλογή από: gokuxd13
tanti giochi bellissimi che sono in multi-player o in co-op e local co-op
Συλλογή από: laird150
Συλλογή από: Victoria Secret Model
Συλλογή από: Orlando Bloom
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