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"The Night is Darkest, just before the Dawn" Top 10.
Συλλογή από: System of a Dawn
This offers the most impressive, creative and fun space experiences I have either had the pleasure to play or see videos of. Not going to put any garbage in this list. Only the most worthy of titles dealing with a universal appeal with no specific genre "...
Richy's SGL Picks
Συλλογή από: @richyg84
Here are my top picks for Steam Greenlight.
Acorns, Games with Potential
Συλλογή από: Xxiled
A collection of perhaps not the best, or most complete games, but those ones with a spark of genius. The ones with potential for greatness that may sadly get overshadowed by the big name games with their fancy graphics and professional presentation!
A list of games that happen to be on Greenlight.
Συλλογή από: InsertCookiesHere
Random list of games that I quite like and want to keep track of, their in no particular order as Valve has yet to hire anyone who knows how to make a UI that works without at least aggravating you every 2.5 seconds so it's too much of an irritant to orde...
Puzzle lovers collection
Συλλογή από: dado.cangemi
For every lover of puzzle game, this collection is my personal selection of what I think are the best indie puzzlers I found on Greenlight. Enjoy :)
Battlezone like games
Συλλογή από: Jevuner
Games inspired by Battlezone series and other FPS/RTS hybrids.
Good Indie
Συλλογή από: Lightonelove
Συλλογή από: Kyousakee
Stuff I'm really looking forward to get my trigger finger on.
Great Indie Games
Συλλογή από: Benirus
Συλλογή από: dave9789
Dit is de games waar ik zeker ja op heb gestemt! This are the games where i say yes for!
2D Pixel Art
Συλλογή από: ansysrb
Amazing 2d Pixelated art games.
Cool Games
Συλλογή από: Snoop Dawg
Συλλογή από: Satorin
Interesting projects
Συλλογή από: sanyek321
Must Have...
Συλλογή από: 3devartist
I need all of these games. I will have them.
Jeoffery's Revenge
Συλλογή από: CreepingGiraffe
Amazing Titles That need votes
Συλλογή από: Dallas
These games will need votes just because theyre awesome. Many of the games dont get votes even though theyre amazing so click the thumbs up button.
Συλλογή από: Binco
自分のお気に入りリスト 本当にクオリティが高い作品だけを別個で分けました
Games that I own a Steam Key
Συλλογή από: Georjack
Games that I own a Steam Key (3-5 Steam Keys Per Game), but not now, these keys will be generated after the games will be launched. I just created this collection to remember me to check to activate the game when it's launched on Steam.
Greenlight Favorites
Συλλογή από: 0369
Awesome games that I want to play on steam someday.
Greenlight Игры
Συλλογή από: МИНЯ РАЗБАНЯЛИ!!!
Игры, достойные выйти из Greenlight-а в Steam
Horror Games
Συλλογή από: Locke
Horror Games that you should pay attention to.
The "You should totally try/buy this game if it's ever released on Steam" Greenlight Collection
Συλλογή από: User With No Name
A collection of games, I feel, bring something new and interesting to the table that warrants a purchase or reason to play it if it's ever released on Steam. If you have any suggestions on what games you would like to see here, feel free to leave a com...
Average gamer's collection
Συλλογή από: bvb
Games for average gamers. No simulators. No slendermen. No dungeon RPGs. No alawars. No "MS paint" platformers. No TowerDefenses.
AKIBA Indie Games
Συλλογή από: Jentrena
Desde apoyamos el desarrollo indie y aquí tenéis la lista de nuestros favoritos para ingresar en el servicio Steam.
Center of Dignitaries of Fun
Συλλογή από: cdf121
hello here are the Steam Greenlight games that catch my attention. So yeah that's about it um... why are yo still reading check them out.
Procedural Exploration
Συλλογή από: The Wuggly Ump
Randomized or procedurally generated worlds to get lost in. Games that focus on wandering, discovery, and experimentation. Please let me know if there's a game that should be added (or removed).
Must Play Before You Die
Συλλογή από: Ovadiche
Lo mejor te lo digo yo
Συλλογή από: CanniBaLZz.! ツ
Batman's Crazy Collection!
Συλλογή από: GyroMeepo-LFHighlanderPlayers
This a collection of games I feel are creative, qwirky, and just crazy (in a good way)! Each game has a reason here: About me: I run Batman And Friends Party Co. and map. I am currently porting dm_lockdown to CSGO.
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