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We love InfiniMiner
Συλλογή από: Greener
Follow the Notch! - 3079 ...Minecraft space opera? - Blockscape ...Minecraft Advanced? - CastleMiner Z ...Minecraft got assault weapon! - Cube Park ...Minecraft got illuminator - Latura ...maybe Minecraft. - StarMade ...Minecr...
GreenLight Games
Συλλογή από: Arpegius
Games that show promise.
Tiago's Recommendations
Συλλογή από: Zero
Games in my opinion that truly deserve to be on Steam. AND NOW!
Indie Software
Συλλογή από: Tuong
My Indie Software Collection ...
Games I Favourited
Συλλογή από: Stumpokapow
It'd be really nice if I could just conveniently share my favourites list with my friends without having to jump through hoops like this
all my favourites
Συλλογή από: stuartkaka
my choice of online games
Συλλογή από: CLANNAD
Συλλογή από: yu_nw
my okiniiri collection
Strategy & Simulation
Συλλογή από: Borra
4x, TRPG, GSG, TBS, sim, etc.
Best for Mac
Συλλογή από: Eqnx8TH
Best of all indie for Mac.
Συλλογή από: Bluephaser
Συλλογή από: [X-mas] Palpek
A collection of the best indie games selected by the author and friends of - a blog with extreme gaming photoshops. It has no agenda, no connections - just a few award winning and anticipated games that are simply good. A smal...
Συλλογή από: mertmelisyilmaz
bu vector oyunu animasyon ve model oyunu
Free keys if it's released on steam
Συλλογή από: Joaco! - Cuenta Secundaria
Juegos Indie
Συλλογή από: JoNiBoSs
Aqui estan los juegos Indie que me parecen buenos e interesantes y tengo un seguimiento sobre ellos.
Must have
Συλλογή από: Greggho
The best strategy on Steam
Συλλογή από: Andreas_Becks
Collect the best strategy in Greenlight, I hope you anything fancy :D
I Can't Stand Criticism!
Συλλογή από: Maurog
I CAN'T STAND CRITICISM! Greenlight games whose developers delete negative comments, leaving only the positive ones. If you find some, please post them here and I'll add them! ________________________________________________________________________...
Turkish Games & Software on Greenlight
Συλλογή από: withche07
Games from Turkey. Blackspace, Monochroma, The Note, The Crack and Dark Raid have been Greenlit! Bu koleksiyon başlığı Türk oyun yapımcılarına, geliştiricilere, yazılımcılara destek olmak amacıyla açılmıştır. Öneride bulunmak ist...
age of empire
Συλλογή από: ♋ bill ܔܔ
hel me to get some games free
My favorites
Συλλογή από: -{Geo}- Cegorach
Συλλογή από: Maurog
Only the most bizarre, trippy and unique Greenlight games which are not like anything else currently on Steam. These are the games that make you go "WTF!?" Yep, that's the official requirement. If you meet a Greenlight game that makes you go "WTF!?" ...
Greenlit RPG Games
Συλλογή από: MasterAbbott
List of great looking RPG Steam Greenlit titles
The Best Games Valve Forgot
Συλλογή από: Ghost Of Xmas Rob
Videogames that deserve to be on Steam because they are excellent videogames. Yet still, they are not on Steam despite being excellent videogames. I'd like to buy ALL these on Steam with my money but I can't. There's loads more I can't buy as well but ...
Proyectos de juegos que esperamos :D
Συλλογή από: Chriss
PlanetCocoT's TOP Choices
Συλλογή από: MayuKitahara
Earth Under Siege
Συλλογή από: Insane
Earth Under Siege Access - and Enlist for BETA today! It's an Action Tower Defense game based on frenetic shooting mixed up with strategy and upgrades. The Earth is being attacked by an Alien Empire. All nations st...
Tiffany's Notable Greenlight Picks!
Συλλογή από: CeissaDesiste
These are the games I have voted for on Greenlight! I write a weekly series called Tiffany's Notable Greenlight Picks, these games may also have been featured on that list. My weekly article features games that are still waiting to be greenlit. You can fi...
New York Indie Games
Συλλογή από: KBlaney
New York City and the surrounding areas have a lively game development scene, especially a number of independently owned studios. If you are from the Big Apple or simply want to see what comes out of a city when it doesn't sleep, check out the games in th...
Point and Clicks on Steam Greenlight
Συλλογή από: Stee
Collection of Point and Click Adventures on Steam Greenlight
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