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Liked Games and Projects.
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old school . . .
Те игры, которые лучшие были на Андроид, и их перенесли на ПК!
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Здесь находятся лучшие игры на Android, которые перенесены на ПК!
Low Poly Enthusiasm
Kollektion von ◢ k r i s ◤
I love low-poly 3D games. It's like a more modernized version of retro visuals having only the crazy-fast technological advancement of graphical rendering to thank for bringing photorealism too quickly to the gaming market. I'm not alone and I darn well
Awww Yeah
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good indie games
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Bundled Games
Kollektion von Miblo
A collection of games I own from bundles that haven't yet arrived in the Steam Store.
My Collections
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"Gamers don't Fear the Apocalypse! We've seen it many times before"
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Behr's Stand Out Greenlight Games
Kollektion von Sterling
I find these games to stand out above all others.
good games
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these are games that I've played or want to play
Flow Network Pointshop
Kollektion von Grimnox - Coding Acc
All materials and models for Flow Network pointshop ( Updated frequently)
Kollektion von alsuh
Купили бы вы эту игру, будь она доступна в Steam?
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faverite stuff
Kollektion von Just a random person
nothing to spell
Kollektion von See You In Church
Maybe interesting
Kollektion von Peter Knight
Different titles in gaming and software
Just a couple of the best I think
Kollektion von Mortis Probati
Just a few that I have thought looked awesome.
Jolo King
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Kollektion von paperboy2000
Kollektion von b0T^™
Kollektion von MrB
A hopeful 'Yes' in the future.
Kollektion von Atomsk
Games that I sincerely hope will continue development and I'll click 'Yes' on later, but for now, just aren't showing me enough for me to commit to. Typically games that I need to know a price point or I need more actual gameplay footage to really WANT.
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Just lots of stuff :) Plus check out my youtube channel Twitter - Tumblr - facebook -
Platformer da tenere d'occhio
Kollektion von electricpeo90
Meglio tenere d'occhio i platformer!!! Oggi rappresentano sempre più spesso una vera sfida per qualunque giocatore. In genere tutti mantengono una difficoltà relativamente elevata :P
Kollektion von luc
They will be mine. Oh yes. They will be mine.
Kollektion von Blum
Greenlight games I'm looking for. Can be RPG, FPS, Flight simulations, Platformer or anything that caught my eye. Photo: "Green bulb" by Daniel Hathaway Modification
Pulsifer's collection
Kollektion von Salem Pulsifer
Just mine.
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My personal Steam Greenlight picks
Kollektion von FunktionJCB
A selection of personal favourites from the numerous Steam Greenlight entries. Selection criteria: having any form of playable portion currently available, be it an alpha/beta/prototype sample, a demo, or the full game already released. I personally
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