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Kollektion von: Rouge
Five Nights at Freddys
Kollektion von: Sniperboy00
For Fnaf fans :)
2D Games Forever!
Kollektion von: Nimbus
I'm a child of the 16-bit era and I will always have a soft spot for pixel art. These listings here prove to us that the era of 2D games will never die! There are still plenty of amazing 2D pixel artists out there, and this list is meant to celebrate that...
Games made in Spain
Kollektion von: Mispgames
Only videogames developed in Spain
Kollektion von: iDisOrder
Greenlight Items I'd Buy~ Greenlight Items You Need To Upvote!~ NOW!
wishlist greenlight
Kollektion von: OzzFreak
want games
Kollektion von: ulasovskij
collect PUNKGHOT
Kollektion von: punkghot
ma collect se met en avant sur les jeux les plus aimé <3
Mes Favoris !
Kollektion von: Prince William
Juste les jeux du Greenlight que j'adorerais voir sur Steam !
Hold your postion!
Kollektion von: McLovinGaming
In Caretan a group of airbornes are holding off a brutal counterattack how long can you survive?
Epic Games :3
Kollektion von: Hyde
My collection is awesome,fun,and good games you should play. They are all unique and keep me entertained. I never get bored because I make new friends and we play together alot. Please give these games a try and You'll love them.
good games
Kollektion von: Ark
Kollektion von: Flaming Bald Eagle
Queen Chrysalis Collection
Kollektion von: Shantae ITA
Italiano: Questa è la Mia Collezione e vuol dire che questi videogiochi devono arrivare sul Negozio Steam perchè se lo Meritano. English: This is My Collection and means that these games should arrive on the Steam store because if I deserve.
Famous Games
Kollektion von: NeroBrony
Whether it's from controversy or popularity, these games are famous!
Kollektion von: garden_90
Es uno de los mejores juegos online que he jugado-
DJ Tux's Wishlist
Kollektion von: 4ud10junk13
Linux is getting a lot of love and here's a collection of some great items. Please be sure to rate up the items you want to see made available via Steam for Linux.
Games I Like
Kollektion von: thepronto
Games I have dreamed of playing or think I will like
Kollektion von: LittleBlackRainCloud
Favorites from Greenlight, enjoy!
Kollektion von: johnny bukkake
QUALITY games, made by QUALITY people. Please support and buy to make them profits and download the games to enjoy and have a happy day today.
Kollektion von: iDisOrder
I Can't Believe Someone Actually Created This Crap!~ What's Worse You Say?~ The Community Actually Greenlit Some Of This Garbage!
Kollektion von: blue_mooody
My best game ever ElswordOnline
Kollektion von: Senzeeh
nice greenlight title
Kollektion von: a_rotten_egg_fart
geile indiegames von greenlight
Kollektion von: 3a4eM
vot tak vot
Kollektion von: TalipedCornetGaming
GhostlyNut's Collection
Kollektion von: ALEXSMART
The stuff I like
things to look forward too
Kollektion von: guyoh4000
keep track of these!
Лучшие игры 2013-2014 года
Kollektion von: rodionmaksimo2000
Kollektion von: BniA { Je suis Charlie }
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