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Kollektion von B.I.G Cha$k
Esta coleccion destaca los juegos que me llaman la atencion en lo personal me gustan los juegos de aventuras y mas en todo shooters por lo cual veras muchos juegos de ese estilo hehe ;D.
Kollektion von Boobasawk
So this is just a ton of awesome games i found on greenlight!
Kollektion von Roodboi
Here is a collection of the best AAA looking Indie games that you can find on Steam. Tired of seeing 8bit retro games, so are we.
Space Engine
Kollektion von Dieeee AYYYYYY LMAOOO
Greenlight Free to play
Kollektion von JONA
Free to play Games on Greenlight
SeStudio games
Kollektion von ✪ Uncle Potato [SeStudio dev.]
SeStudio games
Kollektion von WILSON LEI
Kollektion von DimkaS
Games I like
Kollektion von L_Bloodsong
Greenlit games to watch.
What one likes
Kollektion von Frime'Com.FILIN
This collection is designed for those things that I liked.
Kollektion von Tanamati Kaoru_[Nou[JPN]]
Kollektion von Etherious ✔
Kuritho's Greenlight Collection
Kollektion von Kuritho
A list of games I really want (need in order to live).
Doomer's greenlight colletion
Kollektion von Doomer
Different games from Greenlight, that I find interesting.
Random Greenlight Games
Kollektion von Ghostini
Random collection of Greenlight games that have piqued my curiosity....
Awesome Greenlight Games!
Kollektion von Rascal Randall
Kollektion von shadow
Хорошие игры, в них можно поиграть :3
ZZS games
Kollektion von ZigZag Games
We create games for you! Adventure, puzzle and RPG, we like creating video games and we are still working on something new. Play our newest game: Abrix the robot and if you like it - vote Yes and help it got greenlit.
Kollektion von CriticalPain
Підтримуйте ігри від українських розробників! Support these amazing games!
Kollektion von KostMan
Kollektion von Dave9789
Dit is de games waar ik zeker ja op heb gestemt! This are the games where i say yes for!
Must Have...
Kollektion von 3devartist
I need all of these games. I will have them.
Kollektion von adam_86
Para mi gusto los mejores juegos.
"The Night is Darkest, just before the Dawn" Top 10.
Kollektion von System of a Dawn
This offers the most impressive, creative and fun space experiences I have either had the pleasure to play or see videos of. Not going to put any garbage in this list. Only the most worthy of titles dealing with a universal appeal with no specific genre "c
Acorns, Games with Potential
Kollektion von Xxiled
A collection of perhaps not the best, or most complete games, but those ones with a spark of genius. The ones with potential for greatness that may sadly get overshadowed by the big name games with their fancy graphics and professional presentation!
A list of games that happen to be on Greenlight.
Kollektion von InsertCookiesHere
Random list of games that I quite like and want to keep track of, their in no particular order as Valve has yet to hire anyone who knows how to make a UI that works without at least aggravating you every 2.5 seconds so it's too much of an irritant to order
Puzzle lovers collection
Kollektion von dado.cangemi
For every lover of puzzle game, this collection is my personal selection of what I think are the best indie puzzlers I found on Greenlight. Enjoy :)
Good Indie
Kollektion von 奧爾良嫩切豬肉淋飯
Kollektion von Kyousakee
Stuff I'm really looking forward to get my trigger finger on.
Great Indie Games
Kollektion von Benirus
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