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English Visual Novels/RPG/Sim Collection
Kollektion von Ailantan
English Visual Novels/RPG/Sim Collection I would like to play or already have outside of steam.
Kollektion von Chtholly ~~ Nota Seniorious
Just vote... XD
The Greenlight
Kollektion von Sugar Free
Games that I find interesting and might purchase in the future.
Great RPG Maker Games
Kollektion von BurningAbyss
This collection is for all the games made in RPG maker engine that I considered as great.
My Fav Greenlight games
Kollektion von Grognard_87
A list of games from Greenlight that are both released and un-released that I believe look really cool and have a lot of potential. This is only opinion based and if you have a game suggestion to add to the list I'll be more than welcome to consider it.
Kollektion von MyLord
ruby geridos
Kollektion von IFISH57
GUN Fight Online
Kollektion von Binomi89
the game is about batteling and fight against your friends have fun getting most tags host a servers so your friend can join and have the unlimitid fun Creator Binomi AND thanks to oma3d
Kollektion von KyM
Redlight: The Accessible Collection
Kollektion von ⎛⎝GriddleOctopus⎠⎞
So, I've worked in the games industry for nearly ten years now, as a journalist for PC Gamer, PC Format, RockPaperShotgun, IGN, Eurogamer and others. I've seen so many games ahead of release, played them and said to the developers; "Sorry, I can't play thi
Musty Gaming (The Bear Skin Rug)
Kollektion von Steak and Potatoes
Here is our selections from massive sifting. These folks offer creativity and join the Bear Skin Rug status in gaming. Overlooked but not underdone......
Awesome Indie Games Collection
Kollektion von Lt. KittyFace
My collection of my personal favorite games that I feel deserve to be Greenlit. They look to have great gameplay and design, and deserve to get votes! I hope that others who see this list will consider checking out these games as well. I will continue to u
YaoiRecs: Greenlight Edition
Kollektion von Kimchi Tea
Games featuring romantic or sexual relationships between male characters.
King Toko's Best of The Best
Kollektion von Toko
The King Toko's Best of The Best collection highlights the games that I feel should be liked. I will be adding more Steamlight games to the collection as they become available. Why look through all the bad games when I can do if for you? Go to http:/
Puzzle Games
Kollektion von Keys
A collection of puzzle games, because believe it or not there is no Puzzle Genre on Greenlight. If anyone believes they have a game that fits into this collection please email me at and I will add it for you.
Independent Truck Company Car
Kollektion von AleksandrBolev
The Goods of Greenlight (#GoodLight)
Kollektion von Mellow_Online1
This collection is linked with this group: Here, I will showcase the Greenlight titles that deserve to get onto Steam and dserves to get voted up.
Greenlight items in Bundle
Kollektion von mencius0235
Greenlight items in Bundle
Potential games
Kollektion von RavinggRabbit
Games that have potential
Collector's Edition
Kollektion von It's a Crime
It is my collection..that is what makes it special.
Arcade air/space shooters
Kollektion von White Spirit
Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Regia
Kollektion von Slesreth Kalinova
Visual Novel Support Collection
The games i would play on steam
Kollektion von Marioooooo ROTMG
just a collection with the games i would like on my steam xd
Games i want to make it
Kollektion von Zaraki Snakenoman
greenlight games that have a awesome chance to come to steam i dont mind buying
OverLord's Favorite
Kollektion von HAMSİ SAVAR
OverLord'un sizler için seçtikleri.
Exploración, Descubrimiento y Desarrollo (Exploration, Discovery and Development)
Kollektion von Hardcorepixel
-- Español -- Colección de títulos basados en la idea de mi propio concepto de género, EDD ( Exploración, Descubrimiento y Desarrollo ), que cumplen los requisitos de ser experiencias enteramente basadas en la relación del jugador con el mundo digital,
Green Light
Kollektion von Bienio
some games for chill out
Kollektion von OG-SlimTony
let me introduce tis amazingg online skateboarding sim gaim crea-ture Studios
Kollektion von Canti
Greenlight collection of favs
Kollektion von the demon king
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