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Super Collection
Kollektion von £ukasz £odyga
The Best Horror on Greenlight
Kollektion von ZedClampet
Rounding up the most promissing horror games to appear on Greenlight.
FuckingCool collection
Kollektion von PupSick
Damn cool games, in which you have to play. Чертовски крутые игры, в которые ты должен обязательно сыграть
Steam Game Lookouts
Kollektion von ФPlagueФ
Finding games on the greenlight market that your trying to get noticed? looks like these games are the ones your looking for.
Games that Don't Belong on Steam!
Kollektion von My Name Is Bruce Jenner
This is a collection of all games created by censoring, childish devs! Enjoy!
Kollektion von Crazykid509
Survival games of any type
Free to Play
Kollektion von Brayli_Angry
Бесплатные игры
Kollektion von 单鑫
All the games come from Sogoal.
Kollektion von @lkaide
My favorites from Greenlight
Kollektion von Dubsky
My collection of my favorite games and software published on Steam Greenlight.
Coleccion GreenLight
Kollektion von PongaAquiSuNombre :v
Random :3
Retro Games
Kollektion von B055Mu51C
Games that I will definitely buy!
Kollektion von HorseMannIsHorse
These are games that I have voted for and that I would buy them for sure!
For da Crashin destroyin
Kollektion von KOBRAslo
It has alot of funny things such as destroying things, repairing them, crafting, shooting, killing... Basicly all the fun stuff u can find ne.
Kollektion von Bumbefly Sony Test םו
Socks. Mostly Socks with an O and a bit with a U. For this collection is started to test Favoriting problems (incl. favoriting Greenlight items) that arose with the dreaded Steam update of the 12th of August 2015 (equal update for both Beta and Release...
Greenlight Games
Kollektion von Trust No Bitch
Greenlight games
Best Games
Kollektion von BatataGames
пыщ пыщ
Kollektion von Опасная Улитка
McBujon Greenlight
Kollektion von McBujon
Simply Epic Games
Kollektion von AgentSabreWolf
Ranging from intense first person shooters to dynamic open worlds.
Kollektion von K9-MoNsTeR
MMORPG games that is free to play
Мое !
Kollektion von firstgames
Наши проекты
Potentiel GOTY
Kollektion von n o o k 1 e_-
Mes choix sur des futur jeux qui me botte. "Si t'aimes pas, t'achètes pas et puis c'est tout"
NZTi! Dark Stars - Most Wanted Greenlight Games!
Kollektion von DARKKi
Something about our group... :) ..:: NZTi! Dark Stars - Group for Awesome Cyborg Ninjas! ::.. - NZTi! Dark Stars is an Invite Only Steam Giveaway Group with active giveaways, private giveaways, events, competiti...
Kollektion von rjdunlap
Hi there! I'm a member of the /r/gamedev community and wanted to help organize and showcase fellow games made by active developers in our community! Come visit us at to see the latest screenshots, trailers, demos, and more by reddito...
Melon's Greenlight Picks
Kollektion von TheMelonParty
These are titles that i hope to see escape from greenlight hell and actually have potential to be good games.
Space and space
Kollektion von Atreus Ceo
::::: ::::: ::::: :::: :::: :::: :::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :: :: :: :: :: :: : : : : : : : : : . . . FRANCAIS ::::: ::::: ::::: :::: :::: :::: :::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :: :: :: :: :: :: : : : : : : : : : . . . ...
Greenlit games
Kollektion von [SQ1RL]scribb
Games that should be greenlit
Kollektion von jmjovan59
Kollektion von Lucifera
Just letting people know about the absolute BEST submissions on Steam Greenlight. :) Note: Submissions that have been Greenlit are not included.
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