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awkwin's Greenlight Pick
Kollektion von awkwin
No that kind of "retro". No RPG Maker. I was disappointed by most collections. Mine is for only best of the best games.
Too Awesome.
Kollektion von vivid-transparency
Just the beginning of a long legacy.
그린라이트 한국어 지원 게임
Kollektion von ireneclemance
그린라이트 등록 게임 중 한국어 지원 게임 모음.
Greenlight Projects Better Than La-Mulana (Well in my opinion anyway)
Kollektion von Resolute
*** UPDATED - I have now moved those game on this list that have been Greenlit to the top. Both parts of the list are more or less in alphabetical order. *** This list was created out of having to listern to people complain about why was game X greenli...
Five Games Your Face Might Like
Kollektion von TonyDanza
Five great single-player and/or co-op games that we feel stand out as unique. - No MMO, F2P, Sports, or Simulation games. - 1000 bonus points* for story. *Bonus points can be redeemed for tingly feelings inside your brain.
Retro Goodness
Kollektion von Karyyk
Must-have retro-themed titles on Steam (or Greenlight).
Games and other things that I want to be able to play on steam
Kollektion von Aragorn2013swe9301roau
Games and other things that I want to be able to play on steam
OBEG: Odd-Ball Exploration Games
Kollektion von GameGlomp
Games within the First Person Exploration Games Collection that are particularly strange, unorthodox or don't necessarily count as a "First Person Exploration Game" yet also don't count as "Not A First Person Exploration Game."
Kollektion von Ciuis
Steam Greenlight
bons jogos
Kollektion von JOKER
otimos jogos
Greenlight games that you should know about
Kollektion von bandwidthoracle
This is the Citizen Kane of Steam Greenlight game lists.
Worst greenlight games
Kollektion von Leif
Join us at
lo mejor de lo mejor
Kollektion von Hunk "Señor Muerte"
Kollektion von TonyK
This is a collection of Terraria-like 2D survival games.
I wanna see it on Steams!
Kollektion von [TTRO] MooChaqaman
To be fair..... it's just games I personally want to see on steam. Keep it quiet.... they're too good for them out there! ;)
Essa Luz, É Claro Que É Verde!
Kollektion von Salsa
Todos os jogos que já passaram ou irão passar pelo canal Salsa Nos Seus Jogos! Todos eles receberam ou estão em processo de receber a luz verde do Steam. Vai que você consegue acesso antecipado em alguns desses jogos, seja através de demos, kickstart...
Amazing games you should UP-Vote :)
Kollektion von NightcoreLounge
i will post games here that i think deserves to be up-voted. If you want a game added just comment the game name and i will post it on this list :)
Jeux Greenlight
Kollektion von ☢FR-GамeR X☢
Kollektion von Noble Judgment
it has stuff
Emergency Simulator Games
Kollektion von C'mon Barbie Let's Go Party
Juegos de simulacion de emergencias
Different Games
Kollektion von necross.reversed
Different Games, for different tastes
Survival Games
Kollektion von Selkip
This is a collection of very good Survival games that I enjoy or if they are not out look promising. I hope you like the games I put in too.
Games by White Giant RPG Studios
Kollektion von JoshMellon
White Giant RPG Studios, LLC arose from the desire to share the final result of over three-thousand hours of intensive development, a dedicated army of game testers, countless refinements, and extensive gaming experience. The final product is Last Dream, ...
Kollektion von Borja
Juegos interesantes
Arse Turnips (Games I'd like)
Kollektion von Piehands
Just a collection of games I've come across (fnarr) on Greenlight that I'd really like to own.
Kollektion von SlickSamurai
Games - Shooters
Kollektion von Cyber Drive (BLR)
Games - Shooters
Fun Stuff
Kollektion von glue
Added fun to games in my library.
must have
Kollektion von dr.scratch77
Kollektion von [ITA]The Doctor stickman
all useless/troll simulator
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