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Games Im interessed in ^^
Kollektion von [Nor]Patrik99b
Here is games that im interessed to buy if they come out on steam. Mosty survival zombie games, and base building.
Kollektion von metallgot88
Favoritos de GreenLight
Kollektion von SinGloT
Trying to figure out what I should play with my 1000 titles in my steam account
Kollektion von Seffer
I am just a simple man trying to figure out what play after years of buying games off steam without playing them. If you struggle with a similar situation such as me, you should follow my collection. After all, we are all here trying to figure wtf did we j
Slice of Life Harvest Moon Games
Kollektion von Serge Wolf
This is a collection of all the games that were inspired or influenced by the Harvest Moon series over the years and were created with PC gamers in mind. These are games that I find interesting in one way or another and they promote a wonderful charming ex
Kollektion von thegreatsarge
Epic Game's
Kollektion von Leinhart_Izumi
Kollektion von DINOS
Examples of games that SHOULD be greenlit
Kollektion von Dr. Face || Kaosz
Here is a list of games that (in my opinion) deserve to be greenlit over the piles of shit that exist.
My Favs
Kollektion von  Ninodonlord
Nice Games i cant wait for any longer ^^
Kollektion von Kassiel [RUS]
Fun| II
Kollektion von ☭-MyRZエK-☭
Muddy's Mod Mega Light
Kollektion von Muddeh
Light & tight.
Kollektion von Herman ♛ ;)
Kollektion von YPRPG
These are games made with RPG Maker which haven't yet been Greenlit. If you are interested in these games, feel free to visit their game pages and vote YES. More votes means a better chance for release on Steam!
Kollektion von [GITS]LeBaron
Kollektion von Expresso
Visual Novel watch list
Kollektion von ★Exile <3 白鳥水羽
Gold Wolf Collection
Kollektion von GoldWolf101
Action, Adventure, Open World, Sci-fi, Fantasy, First Person, Third Person...Any game that has those features is OK for me! What I'll also go for is...: 1. Story/Campaign Modes - Single Player - Co-op - Online Co-op - Fun Story Mods (Grunt Birthday P
Jolt Games (
Kollektion von [Phaze]Bond007
Games on Jolt that I recommend you should try and vote on whether it makes it out of the Steam Greenlight. Sorry if a game is not in your language I'll do the best I can to post games with a wide variety of languages to choose from.
Kollektion von royaldude893
Kollektion von exactcoreJz
Steam Collections
Kollektion von FreshProjectHD
Kollektion von FinalFantasyType-0
Promising Greenlights
Kollektion von Apropos
Greenlights that look interesting, and need support!
I Miei Giochi
Kollektion von BlackHawk
Interesting Greenlit Games Collection
Kollektion von »Radioactive Panda«
Kollektion von alcohol1 @Toto Riina
My Intrests
Kollektion von Hydranode
These are items that intrest me...
Kollektion von PigeonBB
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