Portal 2
Des cartes de la communauté. Pour le bien de la science.
Bienvenue aux Laboratoires d'Aperture, lieu de l'Initiative de Test Perpétuelle. Créez, partagez et résolvez des salles de test réalisées par et pour la communauté Portal 2. Contribuez à la science !
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Collection de CosmicD
You are a test subject in the Aperture Science lab who winds up in another "puzzling" situation. You are also in a race against an ever wicked "test dungeon master" trying to make life hard and success a relative term. What's up with GLaDOS anyway ? Has
Collection de Gλm³r#¹ | א‎₀
Likewise, with "Fansy 4 Dead", this is a modpack for me and my fellow banditoes to use. But this time, for Portal 2! I made this to relieve hard drive space issues. Kinda like Fansy Maps for Gmod... This includes Singleplayer and Coop maps. Bee2mod-based m
Perpetual Testing #1
Collection de scipioafricanus
A few rooms selected for use with the Perpetual Testing Initiative.
Collection de Gareth48 SuperiorServers.co
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