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Collection de : ouija
Title pretty much says it all: puzzle games or games with puzzle elements. All of them have some unique or cool aspect, so just having puzzles won't necessarily get a game on the list. It's arranged alphabetically out of fairness.. Likely that I overlo...
Choosers Pickings
Collection de : AestheticGamer
A chosen selection of Greenlight Projects that shows three qualities: -They are of high standard for what they are achieving to be. -They are unique stand-alone projects that have a good amount of media to show for themselves (further along in develo...
+ 5% Ratings
Collection de : Eqnx8TH
This list shows the most popular games that have achieved to exceed 5% of ratings so far. Please help me keep the list updated. Comment when you see a game that exceeds the number of 5%
Collection de : ß υ в υ ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ19♥
Great Indie Games
Collection de : Obstel
Great Indie Games
dream games
Collection de : littlefatcat
games i dream of
Ylariv's Steam GreenLight Favs
Collection de : RAM-BOO!
Voici les jeux que j'aimerais voir disponible sur Steam!
Collection de : ekbmrb
A bunch of shmups on Greenlight. Image is Shmup Ship by ~Ayjun-invayjun on deviantART.
Collection de : chanoc
Some shit by RWS, or has to do with RWS.
Incredible Ideas
Collection de : Qornet
A collection of the most interesting and unusual projects in Greenlight.
Collection de : [Soylent.Hero]
This will be a collection of smart table-top inspired adventure, puzzle, strategy, or role-playing games.
Collection de : TipsyTiny
interesting games
Jinx's Greenlight Favorites
Collection de : Jinx
Games worth checking out on Greenlight- vote them up!
Scrumptious norwegian games that have to be Greenlit
Collection de : Smooth Dog
For anyone (or any proud norwegian (vikings YEAH!)) that wants to support Norwegian games. There are not a lot of norwegian game developers out there, so support them by greenlighting their games. They poor folks need dosh. That is all, - Smoot...
Check Out These Great Titles!
Collection de : PlagueofMidgets
These are just some of the amazing games worth voting for on Greenlight.
Horror <3
Collection de : Kiara_Valentine
Every kind of Horror is Welcome <3
Arcade/Arena Shooters
Collection de : adryenz
Actual good games
Pax East Indie Highlights
Collection de : PhyreMatrix
A few of the indies I got to demo at PAX East this year. A couple of them are promising and have made their way to Greenlight. Check them out and show some love.
Might be Good
Collection de : Michael_the_Germanic
Stuff that might be worth scoping out in the near future.
Collection de : Arturburtz
The Football (Soccer) Collection
Collection de : AussieGold
A collection of games available on Steam Greenlight relating to the World Game!
Collection de : XCanG
Коллекция из интересных модификаций, улучшающих игру(-ы).
Science Fiction Gamez
Collection de : Lugana707
A collection of science fiction games I found interesting.
Playable Picks
Collection de : Kronos
Interesting games on Greenlight that have some playable form available, whether it's a demo, prototype, open/closed alpha or beta or even a final release that's just not available on Steam... basically anything that you can actually try out now.
Greenlight Games I Will Most Certainly Buy
Collection de : Mad Dawg 2020
Just a bunch of games I want to keep track of and will probably buy. They will probably vary in type but most will be picked because they remind me of personal favorites from the past or are something I am truly intuiged by and have never seen.
Jay is Greenlights
Collection de : Dora
I work for the indie game review site, and there's one thing I'm always looking for. Games. Awesome indie games. Awesome indie games that make you go, "Awwww yisss." Here is where I'm going to collect all the games I think you should check ...
Greenlight Love
Collection de : Seddi
I have a terrible short-term memory, and often find myself remarking upon games I was rooting for making it, then promptly forgotting in my often hectic day-to-day. This is a list of all the delightful things I've set my sights on and am dying to see come...
Fun Games
Collection de : [NFSGM][GSU][TSC]Goldy Gopher
Collection de : etcmail
Collection de : Mozy312
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