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Troller158's GREENLIGHT Collection :D
Collection de Sam
Game's That Sould Be On Steam Or Whatever
Games I want to happen!
Collection de Berserk
Collection de Cui Impactrueno
buenos juegos
My favored games.
Collection de Chuception
Basically the games I prefer to have that are currently Greenlit.
Collection de kribbla
Dream a Green Dream
Collection de Jerez - Good night! :)
Point-and-click & Hidden Object (HOG) games: either you love them and will like this collection, or hate them... so why are you still here?
Collection de arturox
cool games
Collection de Obsidian Reaper
cool games
Juegos de Greenlight
Collection de mikexcore
Para no olvidarme de los juegos que voté en Greenlight, quiero que los saquen ya, los compraría :c
Scary greenlight games
Collection de Cheerbunker
These games deserve to be on steam!
Doppelzett's Greenlight Collection
Collection de Doppelzett
A collection of various voteworthy Greenlight items!
Games that are awesome and should be played!
Collection de davinewrath
This is a collection of games I own that aren't currently on Steam, but that deserve a larger audience
Possibly interesting games
Collection de Long Plays
Possibly interesting games, but too early to tell.
My choice: GreenLight
Collection de CanOfCatfood
This is my choice of game that should be in the store right now!
VICELight Collection
Collection de [837th]-VICE
VICE's Greenlight Collection
Favorite Greenlight Titles
Collection de Nocturne
Games I am looking forward to purchase/play.
Collection de Volkan Ongun
Greenlight games that I'm interested in
Collection de rdnxl
Greenlight games that I got interested in while reviewing.
My Greenlight Collection
Collection de Rhide Keep
A waiting Greenlight Games
Collection de v4victory501
Waiting for the light to change
Greenlit Stuff To Watch For
Collection de Dr. Rick Dagless M.D.
My Greenlight collection
Collection de ChairmanOhm
Something just for me for now
Greenlight Favoriten von Endzeitkind
Collection de Endzeitkind
Eine Kollektion von Greenlight Titeln, die Endzeitkind gerne auf Steam sehen würde! (
Gentle Germans Greenlights Galore
Collection de WelleErdbeer
Only the finest, absurdest and overall "Look at me! I'm so tacky!" Greenlight Games you can find. And I'm not even sorry.
GreenLight Awesomness
Collection de Mr Zombie
If I have added a game from GreenLight here then it Stand out from the others and is worth following! If your considering asking me to view/rate your game I am not responsible for you feelings ;p
Collection de aj
Cool bro!!!
Greenlight titles
Collection de Devilyoda
Green light items
Favourite Accepted Greenlight
Collection de Matiiyahu |
Games I Really Want To Play :D
Collection de Charmander
Very Simple: Only Contains Games Which I Really Want To Play! :D
GreenLight Wants
Collection de PinkyBones
Just my personal GreenLight Wants list.
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