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Collection de True Knot
games I think are interesting and look fun.
Greenlight Showcase 1
Collection de Underdrill
This collection is for sorting purposes only.
Collection de ViolenceTrist
Scary BAWIUF qiaweofh
Like it
Collection de lethia
Oh Shiz i want it!!!
Collection de IzaHova
These are Steam Greenlight titles I'd LOVE to own.
Greenlit games that look cool
Collection de Cosmonaut ʕ ͡•ᴥ ͡• ʔ
Basic games that are a lot of fun!
Collection de Morgosin
These are fun!
Collection de carcinoGeneticist
These are items that I want on Steam.
Collection de ~Night Trap~
things to keep an eye on
Los mejores de horror
Collection de No More Mutants. ('8<
Collection de eroeru
Overlooked games on Greenlight that really are worth it.
Jogos legais
Collection de Xiao Xiao
Awsome games
Collection de Percius
Greenlight Gods
Collection de Kylenki
Games that will be in my library. They are good games. Thoroughly reviewed through a rigorous process of two and a half decades of judging games at a glance.
Collection de Bbaron99
Collection de ChiliFred
Collection de Xords
Games that look good
Collection de Caveman
Games to Back
Collection de spore
Some Games, that might expend your horizon.
Green lit games
Collection de WhySoCereal
steam greenlight good games
Collection de Big Black Nando
a collection of good looking games
Space Flight/Shooters
Collection de retrofuture
Space Shooters, some with RPG elements. Think Elite ,Freespace, X etc., through to Strike Suit Zero.
Horror Games
Collection de SharpShot.gif
Here is a list of games I think are the most amazing looking.
Meine Lieblings Greenlight Spiele
Collection de Faulpelz007 [DDESC]
Purchased Games
Collection de chanandler
Just a collection of games I have bought outside of Steam, but with Greenlight links.
Must Get Greenlit
Collection de Ouiija
Recommended Greenlight Games
Collection de theghosteleven
These are simply games recommended to me by friends that I would be interested in.
HalvDawg's Treasury
Collection de HalvDawg
Mix of random games I'm trying out or have shown some interest in...
Great Games
Collection de ilbrewer
Collection de the game crasher
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