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Create anime
Collection de Yume Matte Cuso :3
I would like to rid the Internet of anime porn, and instead sogdat amogo great hyphae initial submissions I need someone who can help with that Deemed stupid is that? Your business
Collection de flying fox
Greenlight Fails
Collection de Lueshie
I shall be adding all the worst games this includes , troll games , copyrighted works , bad design or things that really shouldnt be on greenlight because the content the contain. I am doing this because im getting a little annoyed at the trash getting...
By Losada
Collection de DJ Losada
Tales Of Wuxia
Collection de 【世】
Horror Survival Games
Collection de Terorist_CS # Romania
My collection of Horror Survival Games.
Ok Light
Collection de Don't Shoot Me
Collection de B.I.G Cha$k
Esta coleccion destaca los juegos que me llaman la atencion en lo personal me gustan los juegos de aventuras y mas en todo shooters por lo cual veras muchos juegos de ese estilo hehe ;D.
Cool Looking Games
Collection de WG | Mr Pringg Is Dead
Games to look foward to!
Collection de [CS]Killer
Anime Collection
Collection de Alesha♥ThemistocleS
Cute anime games and vote the anime games for greenlight !
Collection de wutarmelon
vote yes
Collection de Wet Faucet
Anime Collection
Collection de NEET
Susto o trato
Collection de karstiel
Collection de Smly-erN
Melon's Greenlight Picks
Collection de TheMelonParty
These are titles that i hope to see escape from greenlight hell and actually have potential to be good games.
Collection de Miรтєяßαรιℓє[PoG]
Collection de TheMineCam12 EN VACANCES !
Je veux le jeu !
Collection de MC_Unicorn
Games I Like
Collection de ruthaclark
These are the games i like and recommend.
Collection de あるて
Collection de GING-See-also
Collection de "SON OF GOD"
my items
Games of choice
Collection de ForgottenNoble
Games I think would do well if published on steam
Collection de Canti
Free+Achievements from GL
Collection de kmyc89
Free/F2P games, who get GL and have Achievements. Double win.
Collection de R-u-n-o-G-i
Steam Greenlight™ Crap
Collection de 404:
The absolute crappiest of the crap Greenlight submissions. Anything in this collection should not be Greenlit under any circumstances. Know of any crappy games on Greenlight that should be in here? Leave a comment with links to the crap and I'll see if...
Games Espaciais a Lançar
Collection de Attachmatte
Aqui estão jogos espacais interessantes que serão lançados futuramente
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