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Kokoelman tekijä Algizilgalgiz
Cherchez pas... c'est ma collection!
need to be on steam
Kokoelman tekijä DragonBreath
games that need to be on steam
Kokoelman tekijä FARTER
No cellphone games Most of these are dead
projects to follow
Kokoelman tekijä justin328
A few projects that caught my eye that I think are interesting and worth keeping up to date on as I believe they will wind up being a huge success and I feel that people will really enjoy playing these games once they are completed.
My Greenlight Picks
Kokoelman tekijä NRFBToyStore
Just some items that I feel deserve a chance and that I want to keep up on progress.
Kokoelman tekijä Hulapalu
Greenlight Colection
Kokoelman tekijä Swam-e
Holy Shit! I must have!
Kokoelman tekijä SchlechtWolf
games i want to play!
Kokoelman tekijä EarthwormJoeGamer
Horror survival games i look foward to playing and recording =3
Greenlight favorites
Kokoelman tekijä Kure[DJS]
This is the list of games I really liked on greenlight. There's a bit of everything, but you won't find free multiplayer games here...
Kokoelman tekijä Aseiiiii:D
My Collection
Kokoelman tekijä AJB2COOL
LIME Light
Kokoelman tekijä [MRDR] Man Walking
GreenLights Linux?
Kokoelman tekijä AK187
Green Ligth
Kokoelman tekijä † INکคNØ †
Steam Greenlight Games
Kokoelman tekijä shelleleven
ArtikChill's Favorites!
Kokoelman tekijä ArtikChill
A collection of my favorite looking greenlight games that I would actually play.
Interesting Concepts
Kokoelman tekijä IvanKinkle
Giochi che spero vivamente di vedere su Steam.
Kokoelman tekijä Gag
Indie Love
Kokoelman tekijä wcoastsands
Show some love for these amazing titles worthy of being featured in the Steam Store!
mah favorite greenlight games
Kokoelman tekijä Marge Simpson
The games I want to see on steam.
Pat Jerowski's Favorites Collection
Kokoelman tekijä 3rd Rookie Pat Jerowski
This is a collection of games that the legendary rookie Pat Jerowski believes to be legit and have potential for greatness. Follow the path of Pat Jerowski for the glory of mankind.
Kokoelman tekijä [NPC]
GreenLight Awesomness
Kokoelman tekijä Mr Zombie
If I have added a game from GreenLight here then it Stand out from the others and is worth following! If your considering asking me to view/rate your game I am not responsible for you feelings ;p
Official Collection of Gabe's Gorillas
Kokoelman tekijä Xeno4Life
Gabe's Gorillas Favorite Greenlight Collection
Greenlight Collection
Kokoelman tekijä 3rr0r
Greenlight Collection
Hidden Treasures
Kokoelman tekijä Demon_Dice
For games that are on the weird side but have a lot of promise for fun. These are for games that look like they’ll be overlooked at a first glance.
shadowbow7458 Awaiting release games
Kokoelman tekijä shadowbow7458
Please vote these games
Gibe de gayums b0ss
Kokoelman tekijä Kevington
here's some shit I want to have
The BEST RPGs on Greenlight
Kokoelman tekijä Unit9 Apps
This collection will look to collate all the best RPG games on Steam Greenlight
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