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WoolyBugs Greenlight Favorites
Kokoelman tekijä Yukon Cornelius
WoolyBug's favorite Greenlight games and products. Note: Items here are listed as being a favorite at the time they are added. Features being removed or changed can cause an item to be removed from this list.
Game list
Kokoelman tekijä Street
Green Wishlist
Kokoelman tekijä Cleowolf
A gallery of games that have captured my interest,curiousity to possiably purchase or free play them. If they ever become avaiable on the Steamline Store.
Kokoelman tekijä D1gital Reaper
This is the collection of all the games that are Greenlit, Aka Approved!
Games to look foward to!
Kokoelman tekijä ☁WASD☁CloudTF☆☮✌\
Games to get excited about
Kokoelman tekijä Epiales
These are the upcoming games on Greenlight that I'm excited about. As I don't get excited easily by games, they're probably worth checking out. ;-)
Warning: Games could cause explosions, Watch out!
Kokoelman tekijä SuperSho
Watch out these games are soo cool, they might make your monitor explode! I suggest getting a back up monitor. Or go play at your friends house, what ever works. Definatly check these games out, it's worth your time (just be carefull of cumbustion).
Kokoelman tekijä Eb42
Horror Games
Kokoelman tekijä Locke
Horror Games that you should pay attention to.
Kokoelman tekijä ALL EYES ON
Procedural Exploration
Kokoelman tekijä The Wuggly Ump
Randomized or procedurally generated worlds to get lost in. Games that focus on wandering, discovery, and experimentation. Please let me know if there's a game that should be added (or removed).
Kokoelman tekijä PoPkALoLa
Kokoelman tekijä EAt this ./.
dancing NaturesPhropet
Visual novel's Collection
Kokoelman tekijä Why So Serious?
The collection consists of games genre: Visual novel
Battlezone like games
Kokoelman tekijä Jevuner
Games inspired by Battlezone series and other FPS/RTS hybrids.
Dogstar's Favorite Greenlight Games
Kokoelman tekijä PratzStrike
Collection created: May 4th, 2013. Hi! I'm Dogstar. As of the posting of this note (5/9/13), I've voted for every game available on Greenlight, 1321 games, and out of those voted Yes for 492 of them. However, I believe some games have a lot of potential
Recommended Games
Kokoelman tekijä BreakingPhobias
Games that will entertain, hook and keep you begging for more.
The items I wish to add
Kokoelman tekijä SoraIroDJ
My Indie Game Collection
Kokoelman tekijä oslop
Kokoelman tekijä Rudolph.
Classy Games For Classy People
Kokoelman tekijä theraineydaze
These are the Games I think are classy enough for steam.
My Favorites
Kokoelman tekijä LaTaleFan1985
Some of my favorite games on Steam's Greenlight.^_^
Papasmurf's Picks
Kokoelman tekijä papaSmurf1038
A running list of games that happen to catch my eye. I tend to be quite picky about kinesthetics, and greatly value novel/interesting mechanics over graphical polish.
Kokoelman tekijä Esoteric Nudist
Serret's Greenlight Favorites
Kokoelman tekijä Serret
Greenlight has a lot of hidden diamonds, some rougher than others. Finding them in the middle of all the submissions is no simple task. I went through most of it and upvoted quite a few of them spanning across several genres, but these are my favorite.
Lgbt games
Kokoelman tekijä Dramatical Noiz
Games that have Lgbt content in them and not yet available on steam. LGBT games on steam.
ReRuf 'z Creations
Kokoelman tekijä ReRuf
Under Construction ReRuf 'z Creations
Old Games Greenlight Collection
Kokoelman tekijä MM
Неплохие олдовые и новые игры в гринлайте
B-Back it up!
Kokoelman tekijä Toikka
My picks for great Greenlight projects you should DEFINITELY help get to Steam.
Ncaa football12
Kokoelman tekijä gimmeSomeKillz
The ultimate online football game for pc ps3 and xbox.its all about the game you play and the harder you fall.I may put co-op in it cause if you wanna play with your friends you can and it will be the best game you have vered played because touchdown field
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