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U Game Me
Kokoelman tekijä godfather
This is a collection of "U Game Me" titles which have been greenlit by the community or awaiting the greenlight.
das muss ich haben :D
Kokoelman tekijä ◢NajKo
Ein muss in jeder Ego-Shooter Spielesammlung
Officnal game
Kokoelman tekijä ♠Darkness(FullHD)♠
this game is talking about Ultimate Charatars And Ultimate Building And its multiplayer to And u can play it single player
Stuff I wanna play
Kokoelman tekijä WarriorPrincess
Stuff I wanna play
Multiplayer *Watching
Kokoelman tekijä DudεBroRεally?™
Games im currently viewing, because of multiplayer, or games that are released, that are for potential to actually buy. All multiplayer tho.
Space Epic
Kokoelman tekijä dEAdOnE77
Includes all the Epic Space-games from the Greenlightsection. These games all have an aspect of a simulation.
FreeLife - A survival game!
Kokoelman tekijä | RubeNzolo!
FreeLife disponible para plataformas Windows•Mac•Linux es un producto en desarrollo de WindFall Studios. Etiquetas relacionadas: Supervivencia. Multijugador. Co-op. Shooter. Construcción. Sandbox. Fps.
Kokoelman tekijä MinisteR
Nee inget speciellt ATM. Bara att nicco är en skööön arab lissom
awsome collection
Kokoelman tekijä asaltychip
Kokoelman tekijä Vladislav
Здесь собраны лучшие или просто хорошие игры в жанре Хоррор
Toucanleap's Games
Kokoelman tekijä Toucanleap
Hi, I play games, I like games, I'm thinking of making games. I've just complied a list of games that I like, and that I think you should take a look at. Everything here may not be your favourite, but I'm sure there will be something, right? Touc
Zom Zom Zombie
Kokoelman tekijä TonyK
There are too little zombie games on Greenlight. Let's promote them! Go zombies go!
Potentiel GOTY
Kokoelman tekijä n o o k 1 e_-
Mes choix sur des futur jeux qui me botte. "Si t'aimes pas, t'achètes pas et puis c'est tout"
Grand Adventures
Kokoelman tekijä Son
Over fields, mountains, skies, seas, these games capture the heart and soul of adventure.
My Game
Kokoelman tekijä Mimeri
Da Collection of Promising Things
Kokoelman tekijä [OC] Creed Karsh't Slaughtah
Kokoelman tekijä gevur oyuncu
one in a million - INDIE GAMES
Kokoelman tekijä bar.pys
My collection will show the Indie games which are worth playing- obviously this is only MY OWN opinion. The opinion was made after having played alpha/beta/whatnot version of those games so its not based purely on the description/videos but actuall game
Warrior's Path -'s Top Choices
Kokoelman tekijä Furry King's Steam group picks some of the most intriguing games on Greenlight.
Kokoelman tekijä WaterFear
I'm approve
Kokoelman tekijä Big Daddy Kills
Generic Greenlight Games
Kokoelman tekijä Australian @back
I've rated so many games that i've seen a pattern to it all. To be in the collection, it must meet one of the following rules: 1) Incredibly generic horror game where you are all alone in some abandoned area, just exploring and picking up objects, unt
Cool Games That I Support!
Kokoelman tekijä Viva La Lopez
In This Collection I Shall List Some Games That I Find To Be Awesome. Note: Some Of The Games I Have Listed Are Already Released So Check Them Out.
sci junky
Kokoelman tekijä Maniacle
My collection is for those of us that love science fiction this is where i am listing some of the games that i most look foward to enjoying hope everyone likes
My Collection Of Greenlights
Kokoelman tekijä Paranoid Grapes
Favorite games
Kokoelman tekijä JunctionFunction
Best games
Любимые Игры
Kokoelman tekijä Битман
Тут собраны почти все игры которые я знаю, может даже люблю в них играть. Первой моей игрой в коллекции станет Копатель Онлайн "Война".
JayRay pack green light
Kokoelman tekijä Matka Boska Keczupowska
:D fajna
collection 1
Kokoelman tekijä [MLT] CoolGuy
[ ]
Elsword- A Exciting MMORPG AND MORE!
Kokoelman tekijä Scl_Birdy
Elsword: This is a 3-D side scrolling game where you can either play alone or play with friend, you also have a fun story line to follow. If you ever get board of the story you can always play against other players in a PvP (player vs player) match. The be
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