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Bl4ckSh33p-Soft Games
Kokoelman tekijä Bl4ckSh33p
Indie Games from Bl4ckSh33p-Soft.
Kokoelman tekijä ẀóόĈᶄỀ乙
Самые ахуенные игры тут :D
Gunz 2
Kokoelman tekijä rafaelarrais
Gunz 2
Greenlight these games that are ready NOW not some that are ready months from now
Kokoelman tekijä downphoenix
These games look great. And they're ready for release in steam. More than half of the games Greenlit so far have not seen a release. Some of these games have been approved during the 1st round of Greenlight and still haven't came into fruition. Only about
Puzzler collection
Kokoelman tekijä Monukai
Collection of First and Third person puzzle games (this is a means for me to test out this collection thingy-ma-jig)
Kokoelman tekijä Dmadd_9
Simulation and Adventure games :3
Lovecraft Inspired
Kokoelman tekijä Herbert West: Reanimator
Greenlight Games either directly related to or inspired by Lovecraft's brand of strange fiction.
Kokoelman tekijä Superman
Will put my best things in this collection !
Kokoelman tekijä 51031
Light that has a cool look to it.
Kokoelman tekijä .arkadij=0000=
My best collection
Kokoelman tekijä Le Tertel
Wolf's Games To Buy
Kokoelman tekijä countwolf1
These games are from the Greenlight page(s) and are games I found to be very amazing and incredible and that I want to buy to play. This collection is as eccentric as myself encompassing RPGs,Horror,and 1st Person shooters(to name just a few of the genres
space strategy
Kokoelman tekijä fvotrin
Building Sandboxes games
Kokoelman tekijä Khayron
Sandboxes games where u can craft, build and explore big maps and so
Kokoelman tekijä The secret gamer
um okay
Free+Achievements from GL
Kokoelman tekijä kmyc89
Free/F2P games, who get GL and have Achievements. Double win.
English Visual Novels/RPG/Sim Collection
Kokoelman tekijä Ailantan
English Visual Novels/RPG/Sim Collection I would like to play or already have outside of steam.
greenlight collection 01
Kokoelman tekijä acka
Five Nights At Freddy's Collection
Kokoelman tekijä pandalfh
Hai. This is my collection. Five nights at freddy's game.
CS porodion
Kokoelman tekijä Mr. Apor
Тут только мои породии по кс
                    meme
Kokoelman tekijä tekno
Action games
Kokoelman tekijä King A
Top games in the world
Kokoelman tekijä Forever shine on
Kokoelman tekijä KyM
Moe~ Moe~ Kyun!
Kokoelman tekijä Hanamaru
GUN Fight Online
Kokoelman tekijä Jarl Ballin
the game is about batteling and fight against your friends have fun getting most tags host a servers so your friend can join and have the unlimitid fun Creator Binomi AND thanks to oma3d
Why, Oh Why
Kokoelman tekijä Bleedin' Action Man
Some games have slight flaws in them, but ones which can be overlooked due to the quality of the rest. Some games pioneer new concepts and, successful in their endeavors or not, deserve attention and a degree of respect for the attempt alone. Some games ar
King Toko's Best of The Best
Kokoelman tekijä Toko
The King Toko's Best of The Best collection highlights the games that I feel should be liked. I will be adding more Steamlight games to the collection as they become available. Why look through all the bad games when I can do if for you? Go to http:/
Kinologik, IndieDev Manly Cheerleading Services
Kokoelman tekijä kinologik
I will fight your enemies with my moustache and entertain strangers about your awesomeness while you develop your games (which are, of course, the most ming-blowing, life-altering pieces of gaming art and unadulterated fun this side of Steam).
Puzzle Games
Kokoelman tekijä Keys
A collection of puzzle games, because believe it or not there is no Puzzle Genre on Greenlight. If anyone believes they have a game that fits into this collection please email me at and I will add it for you.
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