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Self-Esteem Fund Collection
Kokoelman tekijä: Alex7Kom
A collection of Portal-related games and mods. Коллекция игр и модов, связанных с Portal.
Love In Silence Colection
Kokoelman tekijä: ♥ƸӁƷ♥Myky♥ƸӁƷ♥
Enjoy New Stuff :X
I want this!
Kokoelman tekijä: guarlord
That kind of awesome stuff..
Crunchy Pixel Games
Kokoelman tekijä: FaeryShivers
Games with delicious pixel art.
Light in darkness
Kokoelman tekijä: Atreus Ceo.BBQ
*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-* FRANCAIS *-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-*_*-* Cette collection a pour but de lister quelques jeux sombres, portés fantastiques, de style "lovecraftien". Mais quelque soit ...
honyape's Survival Selection
Kokoelman tekijä: honyape
Space and space
Kokoelman tekijä: Atreus Ceo.BBQ
::::: ::::: ::::: :::: :::: :::: :::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :: :: :: :: :: :: : : : : : : : : : . . . FRANCAIS ::::: ::::: ::::: :::: :::: :::: :::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :: :: :: :: :: :: : : : : : : : : : . . . ...
April 16th Batch of Greenlight Titles
Kokoelman tekijä: ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on April 16th, 2014 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in g...
Half-Life Greenlight
Kokoelman tekijä: Enderman
The Best Greenlight Games. Ever.
Kokoelman tekijä: OminousWind
I've gone through hours upon hours of searching, and I have found quite possibly the best greenlit games out there.
Kokoelman tekijä: emesto4
Great games that I can't quite figur out how to play.
"Can't Wait!" Games
Kokoelman tekijä: yams4lunch
Mostly just to differ between the Greenlight games I really want out, and ones I'm not as exited about but still voted for.
Stutz:action,adventure and RPG Collection
Kokoelman tekijä: Stutz
This is a Collection of games i find great. games that have a uniqueness to them, in design and gameplay. games that look stylish and odd.
Interesting projects
Kokoelman tekijä: sanyek321
I'd spend money
Kokoelman tekijä: Jasperline
Greenlight games I'd vote for to spend money on.
Otome Games
Kokoelman tekijä: Ailyn07
Jogos do gênero: Simulação, visual novel e etc
Games I Want
Kokoelman tekijä: ☢TheStormProjectUK☢
This is a collectionof games that i want to see suceed in the industry, none of which i have created but am interested in seeing if they are backed well, or could be intergrated into other games to create a whole new experience.
HaxeFlixel Games
Kokoelman tekijä: STVR
A collection of games made using HaxeFlixel!
Kokoelman tekijä: Iamriel Willowheart
My Lights
Kokoelman tekijä: danbusta
The Games i Want to Play on Steam!
(( aether ))
Kokoelman tekijä: high arcana
how could i feel so-so ; when i feel like a little honey can roll?
Kokoelman tekijä: Whirdrag
The rare items that peak my interests
Kokoelman tekijä: darkstormyrain
Its hard to grab my attention so anything here did just that...
Kokoelman tekijä: Kill3rSystem
перепройти полностью
Kokoelman tekijä: Shini
VR Watchlist
Kokoelman tekijä: techno_destructo
Keeping an eye on new or upcoming VR experiences and games.
Doug TenNapel
Kokoelman tekijä: luminall
This is collection of games from Doug TenNapel. He is a famous game maker.
Good well thought out games that I like
Kokoelman tekijä: Manwithgun
I made a collection! Look at it, bask in it's glory! My favorite game in this collection is Black Mesa. You should add it to a collection like I did. This is the fifth sentance, probably. I learned about these games on the internet, which is a...
The Best Greenlight Puzzle/Adventure Games
Kokoelman tekijä: OminousWind
This collection showcases the very best puzzle and adventure games out there. I've worked very hard on it, and if you want, message me about adding your game! Please Like, Favorite, and Subscribe. (^Lol^)
Kokoelman tekijä: VarjaK
maybe I'll buy
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