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Collection by B.I.G Cha$k
Esta coleccion destaca los juegos que me llaman la atencion en lo personal me gustan los juegos de aventuras y mas en todo shooters por lo cual veras muchos juegos de ese estilo hehe ;D.
Pixel Indies
Collection by xlr8877
Pixelated 8bit indies.
Random games
Collection by Crodex
Otome VNs :P
Collection by CelestialShadows
Shoot them up
Collection by Menelas
Collection by FuriousFox
A collection of games that fit in with my gaming style.
Ok Light
Collection by Don't Shoot Me
My Greenlight Games
Collection by MadPanda
this is my collection of my favorite greenlight games
RealLife RPG
Collection by MrMomox
Ich warte sehnsüchtig auf das Game und selbst wenn es was kosten sollte was ich verstehen könnte da die Entwickler viel zeit und mühe investieren würde ich es mir trotz alle dem kaufen richtig geile Sache die ihr da macht fetten Daumen nach oben und a...
fokecken kick
Collection by Westacoast20
Collection by Kiskunk
Collection by FantasyCraft864
Collection by nagi
I Would Definitely Buy
Collection by Kiss_Of_Kill
Games I would buy without thinking.
Anime Collection
Collection by Alesha♥ThemistocleS
Cute anime games and vote the anime games for greenlight !
My favored games.
Collection by Peter Griffin
Basically the games I prefer to have that are currently Greenlit.
Collection by TUREKplayGAMES
Greenlight Games
Collection by farresto
Dark Games
Collection by Montalve
Nikki Bella <3
Collection by 4 games to go
Japanese Stuff
Collection by Grimdark_Anime
= ヮ= )೨ < Veeh~ This is my Japanese game/software collection! It has all sorts of cool stuff from my friend Japan!
Hidden Gems
Collection by Woddee
This is a collection of upcoming indie games that deserve more acknowledgement. Whether that is because they are particularly unique in concept, art-style or gameplay.
Z ciekawości
Collection by Quartz4Kisiel
Tworzę tak z ciekawości.
Trollsgone Kollektion
Collection by Trollsgone
Collection by JoaoLima_2102
Клевые игрушки
Collection by Kolladeron
Здесь набор активных игр для отвлечения от реали
Cool Looking Games
Collection by WG | Mr Pringg Is Dead
Collection by {Nuggler} ♋ Zal'shaqth
oh yess
New Games Fall
Collection by [SMP]-Genthor87
Collection by MR.King_Of_Pentagon
I got to get me one of those!!...
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