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Verzameling door: Prodigy
Uma coleção de Games interessantes e que transporta para um nivel especial de interação
Interesting Concepts
Verzameling door: IvanKinkle
Giochi che spero vivamente di vedere su Steam.
Verzameling door: Gag
Games With Cool Game Engines (G.W.C.G.E.)
Verzameling door: P-T101 TERMINATOR
Games with cool graphics, nice work on the gameplay, environment, physics, and of course well thought storylines should be great games to be released and playable on Steam along with all the Steam Community advantages and features. This collection include...
Scifi and fantasy
Verzameling door: Renmiri
Sci Fi and Fantasy RPG that look good
That games make me buy.
Verzameling door: BatteryDie
It's my personal collection.
Verzameling door: betterdayz
Greenlight favorites
Verzameling door: Kure[Fr]
This is the list of games I really liked on greenlight. There's a bit of everything, but you won't find free multiplayer games here...
Verzameling door: Aseiiiii:D
Verzameling door: mark_dietl
Must Buy!
Verzameling door: Vancouver
Keep/Collect Then Wait For It. When It Out, Then Buy!
GL okiniiri
Verzameling door: Shantotto
Verzameling door: Jaunty
Shmups, 2D Platformers, Fighters, it all goes here. Straight-forward controls and easily grasped mechanics.
Verzameling door: Fib Gibbley
Cyberspace games that follow the vision of William Gibson.
My Collection
Verzameling door: AJB2COOL
LIME Light
Verzameling door: Man Walking
GreenLights Linux?
GreenLight Awesomness
Verzameling door: Mr Zombie
If I have added a game from GreenLight here then it Stand out from the others and is worth following!
Greenlight greats
Verzameling door: Mr Irish
Cannot wait.
Games i would buy
Verzameling door: Eckhunter
This is games from steams greenlight that i have taken a look at and thinks it could be fun playing and will prob buy and try it out when released on steam.
Green Games
Verzameling door: An†½
lazyguysstudio Bundle
Verzameling door: ☆☭ General Far ☭☆
this game collection i buy on lazyguysstudio, i'm waiting their key steam when they game on store steam
Games to watch and Try .
Verzameling door: RotorFlyer
Keeping groups of fun adventure type game so the family and all can keep an eye on that they will have a great time playing !
Verzameling door: knoxwille
The era of the Vikings
Verzameling door: Sen
My collection of Vikings games on Steam Greenlight
Source Mods (Well Kinda)
Verzameling door: OwenGreg01
Personal Luiz Choices
Verzameling door: nothurno
Somente minha opinião Only my opnion
Verzameling door: mikc 37rus
Good Indie Games
Verzameling door: mt
Awsome Games
Verzameling door: Rayman
Verzameling door: Pop
Games that I am interested in playing
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