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Why Not
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Richy's SGL Picks
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Here are my top picks for Steam Greenlight.
Magnolia's swell handpicked greenlight games.
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Only the bestest of games! Babyshit seal of approval
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Just vote... XD
Awesome new games/good games:D
WUTS UP anywho this is a coolction of games that i think are cool or good.Mabey ull like them to and mabey u wont but dont worry mabey ull find somethin anyways my name on steam is Thewolfyninja so peace out mah ninjas who have sub me on garrys mod iv take
RealLife RPG
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Ich warte sehnsüchtig auf das Game und selbst wenn es was kosten sollte was ich verstehen könnte da die Entwickler viel zeit und mühe investieren würde ich es mir trotz alle dem kaufen richtig geile Sache die ihr da macht fetten Daumen nach oben und alle l
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PC IGN Games ностоящая всё о созданиях в игре о магазинах EA UBISOFT GAME и много другое из пиратские игры вы можете играть с онлайном и мультиплеер покупки DLC дополнениях о играх ДОРОЖЕ ИГРА И НЕ ДОРОЖЕ )
культ проклятых
Verzameling door Г@ДИЗУМИ
культ проклятых это всё ради счастья и улыбок родных для тебя людей .......
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Games on Greenlight
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Моя коллекция игр
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Indies to watch in 2016
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YaoiRecs: Greenlight Edition
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Games featuring romantic or sexual relationships between male characters.
Stanmons' hotlist
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I like rogue-likes, 4x, fantasy-themed games, RPGs, beat'em up, turn-based strategy, board games, (economic) simulations and that sort, occasionally even a point and click adventures and platformers if they are appealing enough in theme, graphics and mecha
AKIBA Indie Games
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Desde apoyamos el desarrollo indie y aquí tenéis la lista de nuestros favoritos para ingresar en el servicio Steam.
Warning: Games could cause explosions, Watch out!
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Watch out these games are soo cool, they might make your monitor explode! I suggest getting a back up monitor. Or go play at your friends house, what ever works. Definatly check these games out, it's worth your time (just be carefull of cumbustion).
LordSputnik's Top Recommened Steam Greenlight Projects
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Steam Greenlight is filled with awesome projects, but what are the most awesomest projects. This a list of my most favourite projects on Steam Greenlight. So please go ahead, and look at LordSputnik's Top Recommend Steam Greenlight Projects. I am happy
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Horror Games
Verzameling door Locke
Horror Games that you should pay attention to.
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Procedural Exploration
Verzameling door The Wuggly Ump
Randomized or procedurally generated worlds to get lost in. Games that focus on wandering, discovery, and experimentation. Please let me know if there's a game that should be added (or removed).
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Visual novel's Collection
Verzameling door Why So Serious
The collection consists of games genre: Visual novel
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dancing NaturesPhropet
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