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Verzameling door Friendly Floyd
Games that focus on music; ideally, ones that have the gameplay influence the music, instead of the other way around, yet that can work as well.
Five Nights at Freddy's
Verzameling door 陡 Колянчик 陡
Verzameling door 靜香橡膠
honyape's Adventure Selection
Verzameling door honyape
the freddy's
Verzameling door michele.s
---s2-->Quero um(a) Namorada(o) Otaku/Otome & Gamer! :*
Verzameling door IllumiNacho
Propriedade de Os jogos melhores avaliados e jogados pelo grupo ^.^ By: Otakung Desu <(*-*)>
a good game
Verzameling door Batman's Pet Sloth
dinosaur battlegrounds is very very good
GR33NL!T CoLLeCtion
Verzameling door [1M] YOSHIYUKI [MY]
just a collection of game that i like that all
Sidular Interactive
Verzameling door [DRS] Sidular Mysteec!
Sidular Interactive video games and creative content.
Evil Fox Corps.
Verzameling door Shur'ugal
Fav games :D
Verzameling door <HBS>GLaDOS
Things I want on Linux
Verzameling door johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮]
Stuff… go look.
моя коллекция
Verzameling door [boetz]***Pycckuu^
это моя коллекция и интересна мне она
Important Games
Verzameling door ✭Blazing Purgatory✭
Fish Approved Games
Verzameling door djfishfish
My Personal Choice of games.
Artsy Games
Verzameling door Dank Seer
Here lies a collection of promising games, which have an "artsy" form. This can range anywhere from simply the art in the game to the storyline. FYI the games within are not my own, and are property of their creators.
Jogos q pretendo jogar quando lançarem
Verzameling door FlutterJohann420
Esse jogos são jogos q pretendo jogar quando lançarem um grande exemplo é fnaf 2!
Verzameling door Kettenmorder
great looking greenlight games (in my opinion)
Verzameling door ArmyRanger
in this collection i will be putting some good looking greenlite games (in my opinion) into this collection
deep house
Verzameling door LSD
[ Greenlit an eye #.# ]
Verzameling door Dark Riddler
Some promising / alternative games.
Vamu ve
Verzameling door Homem Bolinho
sera ?
Greenlight's Finest
Verzameling door Abandonations
Will include games with more than good visual presentations, Original gameplay, Concepts. We know that not every game are worthy, out of respect from the time the developer's has spent. but still, its all about the players point of view, its not...
Verzameling door Soverance
Animal's Party Games Collection
Verzameling door Dannyman Kraken
Welcome to my collection of party games, where I chose the games are adventure, action, fps, racing, strategy, and other categories. Here there is no games and no false poorly presented. I have hope for this collection and I hope you guys enjoy our party!...
Verzameling door GLaDOS
Portal 1 & 2
Team Awesome Awesomeness's Games to Vote For
Verzameling door fisH
The best of the best Indie games that we can't wait to play and deserve your love as well.
Worthwhile Narratives on Greenlight
Verzameling door Hydroponics Deck
Games on Steam Greenlight that would be of interest to the community group Worthwhile Narratives: focusing on storytelling, narrative, and nontraditional gameplay. Some of these have "graduated" from Greenlight and have been released on the site, but t...
Wanted Games
Verzameling door THE SpOtLight
All Awesome Games!
SFPEG: Speedy First-Person Exploration Games
Verzameling door GameGlomp
First Person Exploration Games which are fast-paced, racing game-like, involve a race against the clock, or simply just feel fast. FPEGs are known for being slow and contemplative, so it is worthy to note the games in this genre which put emphasis on a fa...
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