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The Shameless Fanservice List
Verzameling door: weather too cold to play dota
When the first impression is key and you are going for an audience of kids, there's nothing better than a boob-shot or a sultry female character to catch the attention! If your game as either a tasteless game cover, concept arts or especially unpractic...
Verzameling door: Lunar peak
Kato's Picks
Verzameling door: Eddy
A list of games on Greenlight that deserve your vote! Selected by the members of Kato Steam Group.
games that dont suck
Verzameling door: wiregrind #your ping is too high
idk how you found this page but check out these games
Traditional Roguelikes on Steam Greenlight
Verzameling door: artcepse
This collection highlights roguelike games with classical gameplay on Steam Greenlight (and that have yet to be Greenlit). In other words, games that have these traits: • complex, strategic, turn-based gameplay • permadeath • procedural genera...
best games XD
Verzameling door: christian94.dodig
best games...... need to play :D
Jab's Greenlights
Verzameling door: Jabjab
Games Worth Voting for.
Massively Multiplayer Games that Are AWESOME!!!!!!!
Verzameling door: Watkuweis
These are Massively Multiplayer games that have great promise and should be looked into and played, I support these games and their forward visions and hope they do well and gain followers.
Raven's Nest of Indie Friends
Verzameling door: Raven
A Group of games from my First Impressions series in one convenient place!
Free Promising Games
Verzameling door: morenho
Games that i find interesting.... and are free.
Green Light Bundle #2
Verzameling door: Faalagorn
Games that were included in the Green Light Bundle - More info: - Not on Greenlight: General Conflict -
Green Light Bundle #3
Verzameling door: Faalagorn
Games that were included in the Green Light Bundle - More info: - Not on Greenlight: Hairy Tales (removed) -
Must Buys
Verzameling door: LightningZombie
A collection of games I found note worthy.
Crunchy Pixel Games
Verzameling door: FaeryShivers
Games with delicious pixel art.
Verzameling door: 1 hp
Steam or Vapor series ~ Season 2
Verzameling door: ZephyrAM
Another collection of Greenlight games up for coverage! Steam or Vapor continues with more previews/reviews on Indie games in my attempt to spread awareness and hopefully help gamers find games worth playing. I never know for sure until I try them!
Nissanthen's Collection
Verzameling door: Nillansan
A collection of games that should have gone straight to the Steam Store.
The Get In My Library Collection
Verzameling door: FletchWazzle
I examine the Greenlight submissions for interest & ideas, checking back & re-examining others. This collection is represenative of things that I might actually buy. Some are day one gimme-gimmes, others are wishlist sitters to be honest. But these are th...
CPG Nerd Rage Collection
Verzameling door: Curdle_Sanders
Official Collection of the Podcast Nerd Rage found at The cast hosts scan Greenlight multiples times a day and find the true nuggets in the mound of games that is Greenlight The cast host also try to reach out to develope...
Verzameling door: Juc
Role-playing games that I love.
Verzameling door: Freeman
best games
The Importune Collection
Verzameling door: death-NEET
A mostly self-indulgent list of games that very much need to be greenlit. Action, adventure, abstract, abnormal, and the all around awesome. (Listed games that get greenlit will be purged from the list.) Greenlit games: - Primordia ..................
The FUN-GINEERS Greenlight Picks
Verzameling door: Frothy
This collection is based on an ongoing Greenlight discussion on The FUN-GINEERS forum. The FUN-GINEERS are a gaming community dedicated to bringing people together to play a multitude of different titles. Check out our website at ...
ultima online for life
Verzameling door: fleshrender
i fell in love with ultima a bit over 11 years ago. When i first saw it i said it looks like shit vs games i normaly play, but a friend talked me into trying it. Here i am over 11 years later still playing. Ultima is not just a game its a world where you ...
Verzameling door: Biokon
Verzameling door: [KED] Crytek
Alles an Games das was geniales an sich hatt
Verzameling door: Lambda
just a quick note about money whores. a list of otaku/japanese games which like they don't want to sell JP Steam Users. (What nansense)
Wspieramy Polskie Gry Niezależne
Verzameling door:
Wspierajmy naszych rodzimych twórców! Od samego początku portal pisał i wspierał polskie gry niezależne. Zakładając tą grupę, chcemy pomagać twórcom tych gier, gdyż bez naszej pomocy mogą nie odnieść sukcesu. Oddaj głos, Ci...
Pixel Universe
Verzameling door: JIGGLYPUFF
The best collection
Verzameling door: EagleUB
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