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Verzameling door: Urtecho
La keys que espero XD
Love In Silence Colection
Verzameling door: For Sale
Enjoy New Stuff :X rate up and comment my game please
Marketing gone wrong: the bikini-on-the-cover case
Verzameling door: Wok
Why would you put prominent boobs on your game cover? Please market your game better.
Alguns Jogos
Verzameling door: Taic
Verzameling door: Shichirobei
Juegos próximos de GL.
Sandbox MMOs
Verzameling door: Reynava
Sandbox MMOs that have caught my attention.
Verzameling door: SilentMarine
"WTF IS" is a show created by the Youtube user TotalBiscuit, taking a first impression of certain games, highlighting options, overall gameplay, and any significant experiences within the game. Disclaimer: This is only a list of Greenlight games sho...
Free-To-Play of GreenLight
Verzameling door: mymba
In this collection the most interesting game projects are provided. In comments you can write what projects to add in a collection. (В этой коллекции добавлены самые интересные Free-To-Play проекты. В комм...
PixelProspector's Greenlight Picks
Verzameling door: PixelProspector
All the games in this collection are also shown with screenshots on pinterest I've also created a new collection and video that showcases "55 Fresh Indie Games In 5 Minutes" (that are all on Green...
Indie Impressions Greenlight Collection
Verzameling door: RockLeeSmile
A collection of Greenlight submissions which were specifically chosen by my show Indie Impressions (
great upcoming titles
Verzameling door: kN0SPE ♥
Verzameling door: The Grand Chief
A Little bit of everything.
EPIC Games
Verzameling door: neephim
Some games that I can't get enough of... SO DAMN EPIC! It's about those games that hook you as soon as you start the 'tutorial' level. AMAZING gameplay, graphics, variety, etc... (Welll some are oldies, but they deserve a spot on the list... Epic gam...
Horror (and Horror-esque) Games Collection
Verzameling door: Pinkaminks
Being a big fan of Horror games of all genres, and since Greenlight doesn't have an easy way to find Horror games, I put the ones I could find into a collection. (None of these games were made by me, nor were the background or icon pictures. I am just ...
IndieFort Countdown Bundle
Verzameling door: echoMateria [Fruitbat Factory]
IndieFort Countdown Bundle is going live Black Friday 2012. It is made of five separate bundles, a new bundle every week for five weeks. Each bundle is made of four games and priced at $4. For each bundle you buy, the next one will be $1 cheaper. So if yo...
best games ever
Verzameling door: Dan aka:TDM
please help these games that are in greenlight and make sure to vote yes
Pixel Perfect
Verzameling door: Brunhildr
Best pixel art games on Greenlight that need your love. If you have a suggestion, feel free do use the comments section!
Man's Best
Verzameling door: Man Meet Wolf
This is just a collecton of my favriot greenlight games.
World of Tanks
Verzameling door: ❖CPA❖ HOTSHOTS
RTS Greenlight games
Verzameling door: Cloud
I'm putting this together because way to many games are listing themselves as strategy. It's hard to find games that are actually strategy especially if they're part of a subgenre of strategy like RTS. The goal is to list all the RTS games on greenligh...
German Games on Greenlight (feat. Austria and Switzerland)
Verzameling door: 1ffland
Games from Germany, Austria and Switzerland Sammlung mit Konzepten und Spielen deutschsprachiger Entwickler auf Steam zur Unterstützung der lokalen Entwicklerszene. Weitere Vorschläge bitte hier:
The Best updated Greenlight collection
Verzameling door: FuKuy
This is a personal selection of games I consider they have quality enough to be on STEAM Store. I hope this list can be helpful in order to get this games Greenlit as soon as possible. Keep in mind: - Greenlit games will be removed. Just to keep the l...
My GREENLIGHT "Collection"
Verzameling door: BlackEZ95
Моя личная коллекция игр по сервису "GREENLIGHT"
Spelunky likes (2D Platformer Roguelikes)
Verzameling door: xboxpants
Top-down roguelikes are cool, but lately people have been making very Rogue-like platforming games. Move through a dungeon with permadeath just trying to see how far you can go, basically. Spelunky is the big example. Those games are what this collection ...
Gaming Portugal: Indie Picks
Verzameling door: Steel
Seguindo os princípios basilares do Gaming Portugal, a nossa coleção pretende ajudar os utilizadores a encontrarem e apoiarem títulos de qualidade. Sabemos que será extremamente complicado acompanhar diariamente os jogos adicionados no Greenlight,...
Inspired Innovation
Verzameling door: Tekjet
This is a collection of the most creative, inventive, and unique games on Steam Greenlight. Athough there are plenty of other amazing games offered, this list is reserved for those games which offer something different and fresh from what has come before....
CanaBiZ - Oficial
Verzameling door: renildomarcio
Our website: (Portuguese only yet, english coming soon) ENGLISH VERSION: Open-World Sandbox game with survival and strategy focus. The time where the game happens is the year 2021, after an infection that was spread around the...
Stuff Terry Cavanagh likes
Verzameling door: terry
Some games I like
Shaundi's Greenlight Collection - 24 MAY
Verzameling door: Shaundi
Good Free Games
Verzameling door: ||GH-C|| Masser
Underhell: This is a mod for Half Life 2, that is released in chapters. It was made on the 2006 source SDK but along with some more content in the next update, it will be made in the 2007 Source SDK which will aloow for more great things. The prologue is ...
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