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My choice: GreenLight
Verzameling door CanOfCatfood
This is my choice of game that should be in the store right now!
Greenlit Collection
Verzameling door FlubDubBaggins
This collection has Greenlit games in it only...
Juegos Greenlight
Verzameling door Morfeosh
Green of me
Verzameling door Sơn Tùng Empty-Pee !!!
My favorites from Greenlight
Verzameling door Dubsky
My collection of my favorite games and software published on Steam Greenlight.
Premium games that must be Greenlit.
Verzameling door Zanjo
Premium games, mostly pixel games that must be greenlit!
Favorite Greenlight Titles
Verzameling door Nocturne
Games I am looking forward to purchase/play.
Verzameling door Volkan Ongun
Interesting games
Verzameling door Homestar Runner
A few games that I find interesting, intriguing, or fun.
Cool games that need votes!
Verzameling door Chrixeleon
Greenlight Games
Verzameling door bulun
Games for/from Greenlight I like...
Greenlight Collection :P
Verzameling door Zayn
Its my collection for Greenlight. All you need to know. :l
Ozymanius' Favorite Games from Greenlight
Verzameling door Ozymanius
Some amazing games I have seen on Greenlight and REALLY want to see make it on (Some may already be on).
Neko's Picks of Potential
Verzameling door Rainbow Data Baebies
Verzameling door Algizilgalgiz
Cherchez pas... c'est ma collection!
need to be on steam
Verzameling door DragonBreath
games that need to be on steam
Verzameling door FARTER
No cellphone games Most of these are dead
projects to follow
Verzameling door justin328
A few projects that caught my eye that I think are interesting and worth keeping up to date on as I believe they will wind up being a huge success and I feel that people will really enjoy playing these games once they are completed.
My Greenlight Picks
Verzameling door NRFBToyStore
Just some items that I feel deserve a chance and that I want to keep up on progress.
Verzameling door Hulapalu
Greenlight Colection
Verzameling door Swam-e
Holy Shit! I must have!
Verzameling door SchlechtWolf
games i want to play!
Verzameling door EarthwormJoeGamer
Horror survival games i look foward to playing and recording =3
Greenlight favorites
Verzameling door Kure[DJS]
This is the list of games I really liked on greenlight. There's a bit of everything, but you won't find free multiplayer games here...
Verzameling door Aseiiiii:D
My Collection
Verzameling door AJB2COOL
LIME Light
Verzameling door [MRDR] Man Walking
GreenLights Linux?
Verzameling door AK187
Green Ligth
Verzameling door † INکคNØ †
Steam Greenlight Games
Verzameling door shelleleven
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