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Space Engine
Verzameling door Dieeee AYYYYYY LMAOOO
Verzameling door Etherious ✔
Verzameling door Bigguns 93
Voatavo´s Collection
Verzameling door Voatavo
Meine Lieblingsspiele in einer Kollektion
Verzameling door ᛇ Esoteric Nudist ᛏ
Cant wait!
Verzameling door Kancer
Stuff I cant wait to play.
Unique Games
Verzameling door Xerxes Odysseus
It is a collection of unique games that have unique mechanics and unique graphics.
Frank's Mac Games To Watch
Verzameling door Franky
Hey all! So, after many years of being a dedicated PC and console gamer, I've forgone all my gaming rigs and machines in favor of... a Macbook. I know, I know. Sacrilege. The fact is, where I'm at in my life now, I've only a need for my mobile iDevices and
Verzameling door Marius Pyrope
random idea
Ma Select'
Verzameling door Gunnichoux<3
trachy's Collection
Verzameling door trachy
Just a collection of games that I think look good.
Mgamer's Collection
Verzameling door Mgamer
A list of games I think should be on Steam
Verzameling door Voxelman
Just a a collection of the games I think should be on Steam
Verzameling door Noodle
Gamezebo Greenlight Spotlight
Verzameling door Jim Squires
A selection of games hand-picked by the Gamezebo staff as being worthy of your upvotes, this collection includes games that have been featured in our Greenlight Spotlight series, as well as games that we've yet to feature (but are keeping an eye on). http
Things i think will be cool...hopefully
Verzameling door Rohan Kishibe
This is a collection of stuff that i think will be really cool and good (hopefully) when they are finished. Alot of interesting stuff going on
Top Greenlit Games
Verzameling door - Yukki™
These are my personal favourite Greenlit games.
Looking forward to playing these games
Verzameling door Chichi
Some of the games I voted for in Greenlight.
CGSColin's Awesome List of Awesome Greenlight Games You Should Check Out
Verzameling door CGSColin
These are games that I personally find interesting and think they are deserving of being on Steam. Some of them are made by friends of mine, but they're probably still pretty cool despite that. You should check them out and vote on them. I won't even be ma
Juegos Greenlight
Verzameling door Rakashis
Juegos que me llaman la atención en greenlight, iré colocando más en la lista a medida que los vaya viendo. :)
Code Greenlight
Verzameling door Alex
Games that need to be on Steam. Help vote these awesome titles up!
My Picks for the Green Light
Verzameling door masterkartridge
These are some of my favorites from the Greenlight program. Many of these games I've played and really want the games and their creators to have the exposure that Steam can offer. Others are ones I've been watching in development and am looking forward to.
La selection francophone Greenlight de
Verzameling door [GS] GentleStorm, webzine spécialisé dans l'univers vidéo-ludique indépendant, vous propose deux sélections de jeux parmi les dizaines et les dizaines de titres qui composent le Steam Greenlight. - Sélection Francophone - Une - celle-ci - est consacré
Quality Platforming: Shayabu's Greenlight Picks
Verzameling door syb
Recommended platform games Steam Greenlight worth a look. Most of them have a cartoonish / anime style with it.
Verzameling door Mr.Skull
i have lots of game collections.
space shooters
Verzameling door [UGC] system
Collection of space shooters
Indie RPGs
Verzameling door virtuadept
List of cool sounding RPG games. Role Playing Games. Like, with characters and stuff.
Verzameling door Artan
juegos de greenlgiht que me gustan . lel.
Greenlight! {^,=.^}
Verzameling door Wandering Ghostwolf
This is where I shall pop all of the Greenlight games I hope will become available here on Steam one day!
Games to be interested in
Verzameling door Kassy1536
New games coming soon. look interesting
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