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proudlarry digs through obscura
Verzameling door: proudlarry
A list of games roting in obscurity while "fantastic titles" like Grand Theft Pizza Delivery have somehow been greenlit. This includes games with unfairly assigned low-scores, games with terrible branding images/ posted artwork that have potential, gam...
Real Life Simualtions
Verzameling door: Wohlever
Simulations/mods that simulate real life, physics or behaviour. For those who want there games to be as real as possible, here is my selection of those games or mods that do so.
Games to Get Greenlit
Verzameling door: Nonadecimal
A collection of works from friendly devs with games you need to play.
Indiefort Championship Games
Verzameling door: Donpeste
These are the games from that you can vote in Steam Greenlight!
Best of Greenlight
Verzameling door: Gelweo
Games that really deserves to be greenlighted :)
Verzameling door: Atom
Retro games
Verzameling door: Jayjay
A collection of retro indie games on Greenlight that I'd love to see reach Steam! This includes: remakes of classic games, 8bit and 16bit games (maybe some 32bit), both freeware and commercial titles
Polskie Gry Niezależne
Verzameling door: 1ndie World Crew
Pomóż polskim produkcjom na Steam! Obecność na Steamie dla niezależnych deweloperów bardzo często niezbędna do odniesienia sukcesu. Zachęcamy Was do wspomagania małych rodzimych twórców swoimi głosami. Chcemy Waszymi głosami wspomóc r...
Pack Five nights at Freddy's
Verzameling door: "MLG" RobotSpy
Pack Five night at Freddy's
Conti's Top Pick
Verzameling door: SgtConti
This is my Collection of the Best Greenlight games I've seen. This collection is aimed at showing you guys, the games that REALLY need to be on Steam.
Construct 2 Games
Verzameling door: OddConfection
This collection contains games made using the awesome game making tool Construct 2 from Scirra, as well as it's predecessor Construct Classic. Construct 2 is a 2D game engine and level editor that can export games for HTML5, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Androi...
Strange and Unique Games
Verzameling door: Guides for Games [Catherine]
Did you miss THAT part of Steam Greenlight again? From the truly innocent to the utterly bizarre, this collection covers everything off the beaten path! There are many different games and genres in here, which is why all the genres are selected. I ...
Visual Novels
Verzameling door: TrickZZter
This is a complete list of visual novels on Steam Greenlight. Games are sorted alphabetically and divided into two groups: 1) not greenlit, 2) greenlit or already released. Check out our Steam Group to get more news regarding Visual Novels on Steam:...
Old School Games
Verzameling door: MuXxXer[ARG]
Do you miss the old games? Those you played when you were a child? Well, with this collection you will return to the past and will have nostalgia, this collection is solely dedicated to the retro style games that are on Steam Greenlight for votes and o...
PC Gamer Greenlight collection
Verzameling door: PC Gamer
Roguelike + sandbox + RPG + awesome stuff
Verzameling door: Shustrik
Rogue-like, rpg, sandbox and similar games. Best of the best
Greenlit Gaming's Official Top 20
Verzameling door: Greenlit Gaming
Greenlit Gaming is dedicated to covering the games within Steam Greenlight. We pride ourselves in providing accurate and honest reviews of games that are greenlit by the community, while at the same time shedding light on the hidden gems that we believe d...
Five Nights At Freddy's
Verzameling door: OhNoItsRobo
All of the Five Nights At Freddy's games, news, cool theories, etc.
Best games on greenlight!
Verzameling door: Rajunah
If you guys like RPGs, strategy games, Roguelike, platform, hack and slash, ARPGs, oldschool, deep storyline, turn based... You can't miss this collection...check it out probably the best upcoming titles on greenlight. This is of course just my opin...
Man's Best
Verzameling door: insomniac
This is just a collecton of my favriot greenlight games.
Green Light Christmas Bundle
Verzameling door: Stolen Couch Games
Buy this bundle right now at:
IndieDB Greenlight Collection
Verzameling door: IndieDB
The most unique and interesting indie games hand picked by the staff of IndieDB!
the settlers 3 gold edition
Verzameling door: im_rusty
best rts ever
LazyGuysStudio Greenlight Collection
Verzameling door: LazyGuysStudio
Our collection contains games that appeared in our bundles so you know what was going on and what Greenlight games you can support. For all developers, if you'd like to be part of one of our future bundles don't hesitate and take a look at http://www.l...'s top Greenlight picks
Verzameling door: Rave
The Greenlight collection highlights the games which we believe are worthy of your upvotes. We'll be adding Steamlight games to the collection as they become available, dependent on whether or not they're any good. Can't be bothered to sift...
alien swarm
Verzameling door: kevin.asumaning
The Best FREE-TO-PLAY Games Of 2013/2014
Verzameling door: Yuki-Sama - FAKE CC
There's no denying that free-to-play games on the PC have taken over the gaming industry over the past few years. While there are hundreds upon hundreds for you to play, get addicted to, and potentially spend a lot of money on through microtransactio...
Indie Royale Greenlight Picks
Verzameling door: Indie Royale
This collection includes all Greenlight games previously featured in Indie Royale bundles that are not yet on Steam. Please consider supporting their creators by voting them up. If you're interested in featuring your game in ...
Indiegala Greenlight Collection
Verzameling door: Indiegala
This collection includes all Greenlight games that we, folks of IndieGala openly encourage people to vote up. Also, some of them were previously featured in IndieGala bundles. Some other will simply be supported because we like it. Supporting those ga...
Verzameling door: NoComment_
Коллекция интересна теч, что тут много интересного))
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