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Easy playing
Verzameling door pika nips
Just a bunch of fun casual games ^^
Foo_Fighter'S / Steam_SouL_Hunter
Verzameling door rOB_rOY..✗..Foo_Fighter'S
interesting indie stuff
Verzameling door Iron Phoenix
Verzameling door Frog Kun
Jim Sterling's Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers Collection (WIP/Fanmade)
Verzameling door TheJanzap
- WIP - FANMADE - The List of Games featured in Jim Sterlings Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers. If you're not familiar with the series, copy and paste the link below into your browser (due to somehow broken Markup you can't click on it directly) to go
Verzameling door Rukado
Verzameling door Spirit
Verzameling door umutkuzu81
Verzameling door Иисус
Grid-based first person RPGs
Verzameling door ashi
This collection includes all grid-based first person RPGs on Steam Greenlight. Games will be removed from the collection when they either get a store page or get abandoned, so the following list will include games that have already been greenlit. You ca
Verzameling door ninjak01
To Play
Verzameling door tatoleyton
Must Play games
Verzameling door не везёт
я топ геймер
my greenlight collection
Verzameling door naHid
Beklediğim Yapımlar
Verzameling door Wolverine
SlendyTubbies (Series)
Verzameling door UnPossible
Verzameling door Giraffe Beer
Wally71551's Greenlight Favourites
Verzameling door Wally71551
All my favourite Greenlight picks, which I hope make it onto Steam's official store someday, because they look and sound amazing!!!
Wild West
Verzameling door HollowPointSnipe
Single Player
Verzameling door Vini200™
Verzameling door Jørgen
Do want
Xechto's Zone
Verzameling door Xechto
=HAR= Owner/Co-Owner Collection Greenlight
Verzameling door 👑=HAR= Leader👑
This is from your =HAR= Owner & Co-Owner Collection Of Steam Greenlight :) - Ice Heroica & Fire Vilrea
Games de Sweet Dreams
Verzameling door Sweet Dreams
Verzameling door Zeus016
aventura misterio emocion
Verzameling door Jack D.
Games of INTEREST!!!
Verzameling door Al Cheddah
These are a collection of games that, for some reason or another, have piqued my curiosity. Chances are these will be something that will delight many a gamers, so I put the word out for folks who minght be interested. Check it out sometime!
Verzameling door Slightly
Verzameling door I Can Only Bhop
coole spiele
Verzameling door LaZy
ich wollte nur coole spiele testenXD
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