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Power Pinata Party
Verzameling door: Fat
gone be op
Aggressive Collection
Verzameling door: Aggressive!
Batch 2014-12-13 ~ 2014-12-19
Verzameling door: Lunatrius
Games greenlit from 2014-12-13 to 2014-12-19.
Verzameling door: Challak
These games are usually a simulation sandbox in style, with the focus being able to survive the elements or a naturally hostile world using what you can scavenge, hunt, gather, and craft yourself. Though they may possess some small element of horror in th...
1st & 3rd Person RPGs
Verzameling door: Challak
Role playing games that use 1st person or over-the-shoulder 3rd person views.
Top-down RPGs
Verzameling door: Challak
Role playing games from or reminiscent of those from the NES and SNES era.
Verzameling door: InfinityPortal
Oh We Like These Games , Yeah!Those is Really Amazing Games!
Verzameling door: Blueboy87
OP Ideas!
Verzameling door: Misfit
Some Genial Games that i found on greenlight! xD
Local Multiplayer on Greenlight
Verzameling door: Gigatross Games
Local multiplayer on PC is stronger than ever! Here are a bunch of games with dreams of keeping screen-crowding shenanigans alive and you really ought to check 'em out. Games to really play. HONEST TRUTH: Grand Class Melee 2 is ours. No foolin', it's a...
no one
Verzameling door: Yourdarilinu
Verzameling door:
Verzameling door: Besprede1
йойойо просто бомба!!!))
Verzameling door: C17H19NO3
Kongo no keikaku
Verzameling door: Silvians
Greenlight and Recent Greenlit Games i'm planning to get in the future :3 Mostly Novels , Rpgs , simulations :)
games and tips
Verzameling door: r3dUxXx™
o colectrie reusita
Juegos que espero con ansias
Verzameling door: Agenor999
A hopeful 'Yes' in the future.
Verzameling door: Atomsk
Games that I sincerely hope will continue development and I'll click 'Yes' on later, but for now, just aren't showing me enough for me to commit to. Typically games that I need to know a price point or I need more actual gameplay footage to really WANT.
Coleção Greenlight
Verzameling door: fernando021288
Verzameling door: z4ri0n
King Kilo games that I need in my life.
Verzameling door: KevinBors
I need these games in my life.
Verzameling door: Destroyer of worlds
it's greenlit games that i think are awesome
Games I want to happen!
Verzameling door: Berserkinggear
Potentiel GOTY
Verzameling door: n o o k 1 e [FR]
Mes choix sur des futur jeux qui me botte. "Si t'aimes pas, t'achètes pas et puis c'est tout"
The BEST games to murder your parents to.
Verzameling door: The Dude Razor
Everybody wants to kill their parents at some point in their life. If you never wanted to kill your parents why the fuck are you reading this? Below are some nice simple and creative games to kill your parents to, but first if you are a little bit unsur...
Sephiroth313 Wishlist
Verzameling door: Sephiroth313
Verzameling door: La Forgi
Verzameling door: kyomeno
ire agregando sandbox que tenga y que juegue para valorarlos
The collection of Russian maniac
Verzameling door: [KGB] Comrade Alex
thatonevideogameguy1's list of followed/created games
Verzameling door: retrofan2000
My collection holds games I want to follow. These can include indie games, mods, anything really. Hope you like it, appreciate it, and find it awesome!
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