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multiplayer surviving
Samling af: Kikkirik
List of FPS from Greenlight
Samling af: Binco
GreenLightに登録されているFPSをまとめた個人用の一覧。 (一人称ホラーや銃火器を扱わないサバイバル物は除く)
Samling af: ジュリアン
A personal collection, to keep track of any cyberpunk games I find on Greenlight. Cyberpunk is a Speculative Fiction genre centered around the transformative effects of advanced science, information technology, computers and networks ("cyber") coupled w
Sofias collection
Samling af: frequently asked questions.
^-^ I think u will like it <3
good games
Samling af: holtam
Free to Play
Samling af: Brayli (•_•)
Бесплатные игры
Green Light
Samling af: Bienio
some games for chill out
perfect games
Samling af: GIKAS1
Greek Devs
Samling af: Frank16Gr
You can find here all the games on Greenlight by Greek developers. If there are any games missing, please leave a comment or send me a PM .
Samling af: Slim Tony
let me introduce tis amazingg online skateboarding sim gaim crea-ture Studios
War Sound
Samling af: JnrBrain
Çok güzel içte like atın pls falan filan zaxd:D
Samling af: Canti
Samling af: Yova
Colección de juegos españoles en Steam Greenlight que han aparecido en el blog de DeVuego (
Honorable Mentions
Samling af: AlainTheFrench
Sometimes in gaming history, the great lights of creativity shine flawlessly in special and gifted minds, spawning works of art that take away our breath and bring hours, days or even years of fun, terror, joy and pleasure. This collection aims to select t
Games I want Xarabas to Gift me on The Winter Sale
Samling af: Gin the Cat
Buy me games Xarabas
Samling af: sapanjnaik
Green Light
Samling af: ★mѺϞაŦƹƦ★
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Samling af: T!GER
Awesome Adventure Games
Samling af: Tex Murphy
The following is a list of awesome adventure games that need to be on Steam! These games all tell amazing stories that pull the player into immersive worlds. These games are fun, exciting, thrilling, and never boring! Everyone should give these games a try
Samling af: venØM 。。(サンに)
1337 games must save SOISOISOISOISOISOIS
Samling af: ST33L Jaguar Riddle of Steel
My 2014 Greenlight Favorites
Samling af: Black Mage Jedo
This is a collection of greenlight games I've favorited and followed recently (2014).
janek chleboski
Samling af: Lajkonik
Russpuppy Games on Greenlight
Samling af: Russpuppy
Games created by Russpuppy
Cool Games.
Samling af: [RFK] KnB
Cool Games.
Woddee's Greenlight Favourites
Samling af: woddee
This is a collection of upcoming indie games that deserve more acknowledgement. Whether that is because they are particularly unique in concept, art-style or gameplay.
10 games that I can't wait to play
Samling af: yura499
In this collection contains 10 best Greenlight games that I have chosen. I really can't wait to play! I made this collection only for me, but if you reading this please check and vote for these games.
Indie Power
Samling af: mc.sensei76
Lo mejor del mundo Indie ;) The Best Of Indie World :)
Killing Floor 2 Katana
Samling af: ~InTeNSe💜CuddLe~
Awesome Indie Games Collection
Samling af: Lt. KittyFace
My collection of my personal favorite games that I feel deserve to be Greenlit. They look to have great gameplay and design, and deserve to get votes! I hope that others who see this list will consider checking out these games as well. I will continue to u
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