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Five Nights At Freddy's
Samling af: OhNoItsRobo
All of the Five Nights At Freddy's games, news, cool theories, etc.
Cutie games :P
Samling af: ♛ƸӁƷErotic BunnyƸӁƷ♛
#MAGFest13 Indie Games
Samling af: WebGuyShy
A list of all of the games I found at #MAGfest13 that have Steam Greenlight pages. If any games are missing, don't hesitate to contact me.
Japan Banzai!
Samling af: NovaSe7en
A gathering of all Japanese games that have appeared on Greenlight. Just like our curator page, we hope to have the most comprehensive available. Same criteria applies here. Western-developed titles are excluded from the list, culture-influenced or not. H...
Linux Games Collection
Samling af: Cokai
This collection lists games of Greenlight that are a) not for sale on steam yet and b) have been updated within the last 12 month at least and not marked as dead yet and c) not totally crap (crap means either it has only very bad comments or a bad g...
Five Nights at Freddy's (Fan)
Samling af: ♦BONNIE♦
Samling af: Νicksan™
The Future
Samling af: Shadow'Virt
It Is My Choice !!!
Samling af: NuclearBotZX
Five Nights At Freddy's 2 and more!
Samling af: Rouge
Samling af: Princess Shepard
Titles that are scary and will make me cry like a little child
Just Good Games.
Samling af: PITBULL
Отличная коллекция хороших,отборных пк игр на любой вкус. Тут вы найдете игры жанра: Экшн,сурвайвл,хоророры и тд. Отборные игры со всего Green...
Kawaii picks
Samling af: xarabas
Just a random assortment of some weeaboo games which i found interesting
Games to Get Greenlit
Samling af: Nonadecimal
A collection of works from friendly devs with games you need to play.
Samling af: Atom
Good Games
Samling af: gordoboots
Juegos que me interesan por su género o su potencial. / Games that interest me because of their gender or their potential.
Gladius39's collection
Samling af: Gladius39
Not set...
Samling af: Гитлер на машине.
крутая коллекция!
Имперская коллекция.
Samling af: Гитлер на машине.
Только имперские амбиции.
Samling af: Infame!
games trai hard
Samling af: Daed Souh
Teste.... ||||\\\\\\//////|||| ||||--o-!-o--|||| |||| `----´ |||| ||||||||||||||||
Good games that I WANT
Samling af: TySotoYT
Scary greenlight games
Samling af: Freddy Fazbear
These games deserve to be on steam!
Samling af: xSilentcodyx
These are the addons for SinfulDarkRP
Pewidepie Minecraft Full Version
Samling af: [BearFamily]MasterSoldier[ITA]
is for Pewdiepie Enjoy this game is so cool you have to try now
The horror of greenlight
Samling af: zinto
There are horror games in greenlight. And some of them are really good. I want those good wants to get noticed. So heres some that definately get my vote!
Five Nights At Freddy's
Samling af: cectv
This is Where You Can Find All The FNAF games.
Five Nights at Freddys
Samling af: Sniperboy00
For Fnaf fans :)
Samling af: Potarto
The Horror Games Group!
Samling af: xanderdotexe
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