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Sackboykenny's Favorites.
Samling af: Kentura
This is my collection of some of my favorite greenlight games hope you enjoy it!
Catbvan's Favourites
Samling af: Catbvan
Just my favourite greenlight submits yo <3
Samling af: D1gital Reaper
This is the collection of all the games that are Greenlit, Aka Approved!
Intriguing Adventure Games
Samling af: adularia25
These are interesting adventure games that I would love to sink my teeth (and time) into. These are games with art I find to be unique, lovely or fitting to the style of the game. These are games with what looks to be a solid story with strong chara...
Pig-Min's pick.
Samling af: [Pig-Min] mrkwang
mrkwang, admin of Pig-Min made this collection. Just personal.
Samling af: Newton64
Games by Montreal hobbyists and hobbits.
Racing on Hot Burning Rubber: Shayabu's Picks
Samling af: syb
Interesting Racing Games on steam
The GreenLight Blog Collection
Samling af: CruJones83
This is the official collection for the Greenlight Blog. You can check us out at This is a list of games that we're excited about playing in the future and that we think you should take the time to vote for. You can le...
Greenlight collection
Samling af: Plibbler
Just a random collection
Samling af: Rubin Mehehaw
Samling af: dotjohn5
rpg and the like
Greenlit by sebrOck
Samling af: sebrOck^
The title says it all
Game list
Samling af: Street
Samling af: N£0†¡¢
Cool Games i want to play all of EA Games!!!
Scratch Games
Samling af: ☞Clueless Gamer☜ #afk
Scratch Games Made by - linerunner
Portal 2
Samling af: Aman
Samling af: phearum.cheng
i love mat
Best Collection From GrenLight [BCG]
Samling af: †Osdrix†
Best Collection From GrenLight . This is the collection from Steam GreenLight . ~†Ozzy†~
Worthwhile Narratives on Greenlight
Samling af: Hydroponics Deck
Games on Steam Greenlight that would be of interest to the community group Worthwhile Narratives: focusing on storytelling, narrative, and nontraditional gameplay. Some of these have "graduated" from Greenlight and have been released on the site, but t...
/me wants
Samling af: Dalek
Games I want
These games need to be made.
Samling af: [DD]ShizZzle
must buy titles!
Samling af: P4INKILL3R
buy them when available!
Amazing games
Samling af: |Mr.Black|
Just a list of amazing games I like
Samling af:
je sais pas je test
Retina Desgastada Acredita
Samling af: retinadesgastada
Alguns destes jogos eu experimentei, outros eu ouvi falar. Todos são boas apostas para entrar no Steam.
The 8 Best Greenlight games not greenlited!!!
Samling af: ♠VØЯЖΔI♠
The 8 Best Greenlight games not greenlited!!!
Games awaiting completion
Samling af: Terd Berglure
nothing interesting here
Samling af: GLSO728
Everything is awesome.
Best Games
Samling af: jack.son597
Samling af: maxteu
Esta coleção,vai mostrar os jogos mais interessantes e divertidos que estão no greenlight,
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