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Samling af: Entropy
all the things i would love playing
Georgia Games
Samling af: hdiandrew
Georgia has the seventh largest game development community in the country, producing numerous innovative games. Support the developers' creations through this collection, and join us at SIEGE ( in October.
Games with potential.
Samling af: Pogboom💣
IDK I'm 13.
Samling af: Disco Duck
Fun games
Samling af: The_Dutch_Wookie
Test collection of what i rate decent up and comers
Ye Boi
Samling af: Elljoda | M ❤ WHITE TRASH
Good Greenlight games
Samling af: Benneth II
Action/creative games will go into here. None of these will be anime or bad/stupid/innapropriate games.
Interesting & Good
Samling af: [TFK] RabbidRabbits
These games are upcoming and well done, interesting in their own ways and have alot of opportunity.
VC's Most Anticipated Greenlight Games
Samling af: poong
Here is where I put the Greenlight games that I believe stand out of the crowd. Who knows, you may find something that interests you here as well! -DISCLAIMER- This list is made up entirely based on my opinion on what games I want to see on Steam. This
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