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Opium Pulses Picks
Samling af: SlipSlot
This is a collection of greenlight titles picked by the Opium Pulses gaming community. Our selection is picked based on games from developers who have worked directly with Opium Pulses or personal favourites of members of our community. This list wi...
Samling af: wuat
Bring back arena shooters
Samling af: segfault
Games with the following need not apply: -regenerating health that makes trading damage useless -low health pools that shorten gunfights -killstreaks -bland interchangeable weapons with no distinct mechanics -slow movement bound by a stamina system...
Samling af: MadKingdom™
Absolute Gems of the Indie Horror, crazy Puzzles, and Intricate thoughts.
Female Protagonist
Samling af: CUD
A collection of games on Greenlight with playable female characters.
Portal Stuff
Samling af: Talkingworms
Portal and Portal 2 remakes/revamps/makeovers/overhauls/etc. as well as Portal-esque games.
Leading Ladies
Samling af: xalk
Games with female protagonists or optional female playable
best games XD
Samling af: christian94.dodig
best games...... need to play :D
Samling af: iamcreasy
My pick within Greenlight
Samling af: Shadow
greenlight games
Unique Gaming
Samling af: Jessica
These games are quite unique and they've caught my eye. Hopefully they'll be released, so we can buy them!
Indie Gem
Samling af: Foeh
It's a collection of indie games worth of remembering once they are available in the future.
Samling af: Rodd
BlackBurnova kolekce mega super SWAG růžových her!!!
Samling af: BlackBurn_69
Best Games
Samling af: jack.son597
Samling af: dotjohn5
rpg and the like
Greenlight Collection
Samling af: 3rr0r
Greenlight Collection
Samling af: Hoobleh
Games so good I can even
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