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Jinx's Greenlight Favorites
Samling af: Jinx
Games worth checking out on Greenlight- vote them up!
Best Greenlights
Samling af: Talavok
The Best Greenlight Games go Here :)
Samling af: paveu*JPN
Till's Top Greenlight Titles
Samling af: Liquid Lizard Ⓐ
6DoF Shooters Six Degrees of Freedom
Samling af: Psycho
This collection embraces all Greenlight submissions that cater to the 'six degrees of freedom' shooters that renovate the glorious genre heralded by Descent, Forsaken, and so forth. Not all of these will be 'inside space stations' per Descent traditio
Samling af: Artichoke Joe
RPG Greenlight Games
Samling af: AddRucrein
Games With Tea
Samling af: Il Commendatore
FPS & Co: greenlightés (
Samling af: netsabes
First-Person Shooters, simulateurs de meurtres, ego-shooters et jeux d'horreur/exploration/puzzle en vue subjective. Greenlightés, en attente de sortie.
Badass Hall Of Fame
Samling af: tjgcrush
only the most badass of things that are badass enough are allowed into my badass hall of fame and if it's in here than you know that it is 100% bonifine BADASS!
To co Lubię
Samling af: hvhb
Jest to moja prywatna kolekacja...
Samling af: GREK
Space real-time, exploration.
Samling af: Grobbs
Open worlds all types of celestial objects are represented: galaxies, nebulae, stars and star clusters, planets and moons, comets and asteroids. Mind blowing games.
Games Worth Supporting!
Samling af: Sumarlidi
This list was made to show the games which set themselves apart from the rest based on a certain degree of : Originality, Quality of Gameplay, Replayablilty, and Graphics.
Steam GreenLight
Samling af: Jinx
Steam Greenlight Fighting Games
Samling af: KemetWarlord17
Every fighting game upcoming or greenlit for Steam.
Samling af: BralamPT™
Really checking what this is about....
Favorite Greenlights(Classics)
Samling af: Sneakablez
Samling af: part time god
Worst greenlight games
Samling af: Leif
Join us at
The Spu's Seal of Approval
Samling af: The Spu
A collection of The Spu's favorite greenlight titles!
Now available/or soon to be available for purchase
Samling af: joan4003
Greenlight games moved from "What I would buy" collection. The following games are now avaialble or will soon be available for purchase.
Indie Sport Managers
Samling af: Mixet Murri
Indie sports and racing games simulators and managers. Juegos independientes de deportes y carreras, managers y simuladores.
Samling af: [FHW] cattoaster
Meine eigene Liste für Steamspiele, für die ich kürzlich auf Greenlight gestimmt habe und deren weitere Entwicklung ich beobachten werde. Das eine oder andere Steamspiel hat sicherlich bereits ein "Go" von der Greenlight Community bekommen, sodass diese be
Concept games worth checking
Samling af: Magraen
A small collections of the best games I've seen on Greenlight, with an interesting concept and a good realisation.
Samling af: J.J. Mac
Enkhbat's best
Samling af: Karma+
Awesome Games I Want
Samling af: Workster
This is my list of awesome looking games I'm looking forward to.
VR games for greenlight
Samling af: wheatgrinder
VR GAMES TO GREENLIGHT A collection of VR games looking for greenlight Please help bring VR to the masses! There are a few great products, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive to name to big ones, but we need more content! Vote yes if you can.
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