Steam Greenlight
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Samling af: Alex [A.H.K.]
Just my personal list of favorites. First comes the games that have not been approved, then the games that have already been approved and finally the games already approved and launched
Samling af: Survivor
Greenlight Goodies
Samling af: Spooky Queer
Collection of promising greenlight games that could be on steam.
The HMG Collection
Samling af: [HMG]Tapiocador
The games in this collection fit at least one of these attributes: -Hardcore (not casual) -Mature -Game -indie -hyped -nostalagia -metroidvania -lightcycles
The "You should totally try/buy this game if it's ever released on Steam" Greenlight Collection
Samling af: UserWithNoName
A collection of games, I feel, bring something new and interesting to the table that warrants a purchase or reason to play it if it's ever released on Steam. If you have any suggestions on what games you would like to see here, feel free to leave a comm
Unique Games
Samling af: GromitJK
This collection lists some of the most unique and innovative games in terms of concept, gameplay or art. It´s a game designer´s subjective selection. Hope it´s usefull for you!
Ezelboy's Greenlight Likes
Samling af: [WoW]Ezelboy
Items on Greenlight that I like :)
Big Greenlight Collection of Games
Samling af: Gege the Spookhetti
Collected all of the best/good games on the whole greenlight.
"first-person horror adventure"
Samling af: The Antioquian Goblin
Relacionado enteramente al mundo del first-person cuando se trata del horror y la aventura.
Samling af: Тамбовский барон
RPG you WANT on Steam ;)
Samling af: El Ravio
Just trying to help all the "strategy/action/wathever-rpg" fans like me to find only the best products here on Greenlight... or so I hope :) Let's help them out!
Samling af: Mr_Mango
Epic Games~
Samling af: xXKhalilXx
Horribad Greenlight Club
Samling af: Tuesday Night Massacre
So bad they just might be good
+ 5% Ratings
Samling af: Eqnx8TH
This list shows the most popular games that have achieved to exceed 5% of ratings so far. Please help me keep the list updated. Comment when you see a game that exceeds the number of 5%
Gamgea's Most Wanted
Samling af: Echtzeit
Alle Spiele, die wir gerne in unsere Steam-Bibliothek integrieren und wahrscheinlich kaum spielen würden. Wird ständig erweitert.
Samling af: I Will Always Love You
Samling af: 3D-FRIMEN
Люблю различные инди-проекты. Здесь я собираюсь собрать небольшую коллекцию как раз из подобных вещей.
Awesomesauce Incarnate
Samling af: Skeleton™ Kye
Every once in a while, legitimately awesome stuff is on Greenlight and deserves attention. The things collected in this heap happens to be the aforementioned awesome stuff.
To Quote The Cranberries 'Zombie, Zombie, Zombie'.
Samling af: Nokando
A collection of Zombie games that I am personally looking forward to playing on Steam .... Hopefully!
On Greatest Indie Games
Samling af: HardHex
Gathering all the games featured on the Greatest Indie Games website!
Samling af: The Factor
tham tham THAM
Samling af: 32nd_Frederick
boem boem boem
Samling af: Antiminor
Samling af: sans
Samling af: =^_^=RIVik=^_^=
В коллекцию входят игры ожидаемые мною и обязательно будут купленны по добавлению в Steam
Samling af: spartan1096
Adventuring, Oh My: Shayabu's Greenlight Picks:
Samling af: syb
Recommended Adventures on Steam Greenlight, excluding Visual Novels (they have their own collectin). Mostly point-and-clicky goodness.
5anity's Action RPG game collection
Samling af: DarkriteLORD
Just my basic little new collection of exciting RPG games I'd like to see greenlit and played.
Gaming Dead Space
Samling af: Đανιѕβєαтѕ Ⓡ
It's mine <'3
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