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Nobah's Greenlight Selection
Kolekce od: Nobah
My personal picks from the Greenlight.
Warrior's Path -'s Top Choices
Kolekce od: Furry King's Steam group picks some of the most intriguing games on Greenlight.
GCC Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Competition - Jon's picks
Kolekce od: brianbcdefg123
The Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest is a fun competition to see who can predict the outcome of Steam Greenlight games the best. Competitors select a group of games and arrange them in positions of a baseball team. The team that scores the most poi...
Tasty Whale's Picks!
Kolekce od: TastyWhale
These are the games that Tasty Whale demands you pay attention to! Not everything TW upvotes, but the things YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR TOO!
one in a million - INDIE GAMES
Kolekce od: bar.pys
My collection will show the Indie games which are worth playing- obviously this is only MY OWN opinion. The opinion was made after having played alpha/beta/whatnot version of those games so its not based purely on the description/videos but actuall gam...
Kolekce od: WaterFear
Da Collection of Promising Things
Kolekce od: [OC] Warlord Karsh't Slaughtah
awsome collection
Kolekce od: asaltychip
Fun Games on the spot, Free to Play fun
Kolekce od: <"Jakeulous">
This collection is about the "Great" games that I prefer Purchasing them and Playing them for long Hours. These Games in my Collection is greatly hand picked and graphically "AMAZED" me for it's status of Development and Publishing... I myself, hope that ...
Novidades da hora
Kolekce od: ☼eu☼ Real!
Olá amigos Faço uma demonstração para vocês da minha mais nova aquisição de jogos, que apresenta um estilo único de jogabilidade. E aproveito tambem para mostrar os demais jogos, mais bem elaborados de todos os tempos, e se acharem interessante...
Marcs games
Kolekce od: Marc
what i like
Kolekce od: PsychedelicJimma
a series of fun little mini-games, that will increase your procrastinating powers, and make sure you have fun, in those moments, when you just need to kill time. i think that these games will be great in the future, but not without your support
The Good Stuff
Kolekce od: phatboy812
Helpful Knowledge
Sui Generis
Kolekce od: SweetPoison
Some most unique and interesting games
Kolekce od: NightClover118
Cool stuff i wish to see
Kolekce od: HellasManager
All these good games!
Greenlight Games
Kolekce od: DarkSuperior
Steam Greenlight
huw's Platform Games Collection
Kolekce od: huw12313212
huw's Platform Games Collection
Kolekce od: michaelmuller.mc2
My Game
Kolekce od: Mimeri
Games That Have Waited Awhile
Kolekce od: bvguthrie
Games in this collection satisfy two requirements: they have been on Greenlight at least six months, and I think them worthy of purchase. This list is naturally biased toward genres I like, since I take Steam's question "would you buy this?" literally. Si...
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Kolekce od: storman2002
Grand Adventures
Kolekce od: Intelligence Dampening Sphere
Over fields, mountains, skies, seas, these games capture the heart and soul of adventure.
крутые игры - cool games
Kolekce od: FNAF GOVNISHE!
Zom Zom Zombie
Kolekce od: TonyK
There are too little zombie games on Greenlight. Let's promote them! Go zombies go!
best game
Kolekce od: Skullcat
Shrapnel Inc.
Kolekce od: ✿Lizzy✿ | Got Scammed :C
A collection of all the Shrapnel Inc games.
Multiplayer *Watching
Kolekce od: Gк | ¥u'doп мчѕт™
Games im currently viewing, because of multiplayer, or games that are released, that are for potential to actually buy. All multiplayer tho.
Kolekce od: >:3
The colonthreest games I could find. :3
Kolekce od: i^AM.yadni
help me to get badge
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