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Kolekce od: juno0258
DLV Picks: Best of Greenlight 2014
Kolekce od: Drew Van Camp
These games are worth a YES vote on Greenlight and at least several $$$ from your pocket.
Give these games a vote!
Kolekce od: rjevans
This is a collection of games from great devs who all deserve your support!
Kolekce od: SuperGodzillaGaming (nifan)
Only the finest of giant monster games!
Soon-to-be-Steam Games
Kolekce od: RobKabob
Jogos que merecem atenção
Kolekce od: dmextremme
Jogos que devo ficar de olho, parecem ser bons . . . muito bons.
Kolekce od: umi
Top Greenlight Games
Kolekce od: Zanzo420
A collection of all the best of the best games on greenlight
Kolekce od: albertoal22
jocuri pentu syeam
Project Xeon Flood
Kolekce od: CrobMuhGaw
This is for project Xeon flood servers
Greenlight Collections
Kolekce od: Savoll
Giochi interessanti/divertenti
Kolekce od: paoloponte1999
In questa collezione ci sono e ci saranno tutti quei giochi che mi hanno stupito, incuriosito o mi hanno fatto innamorare.
Simulation Games Recommended
Kolekce od: katyann321
If You love simulation games, You'll love These games which is a must buy when they come out.
Good Games
Kolekce od: Autrey45
Gummys gyumis
Kolekce od: ucelofatale22
vs jpn
Kolekce od: Zelfis
My Collection!
Kolekce od: iShieroZ
Kolekce od: laird150
Kolekce od: AngryOmlette
Following Collection
Kolekce od: brandonlupo7
A collection of Steam Greenlight games that REALLY caught my attention and that i would like to follow to see where they go from when i voted. This collection will be for single player and co-op games only.
Kolekce od: noiTKa
Greenlight Games die ich gerne hätte ;)
My awsome collection
Kolekce od: Jbmalone35
My collection will be about newly realeased games.
Kolekce od: PNunes
Looking forward to
Kolekce od: shay4545
Greenlight games I want
Kolekce od: ρн-cσυтσ
Kolekce od: //[A*G*K]\\ P4M3R ︻芫══--
Games in Greenlight
Kolekce od: Spliffyz
All About Horror games!
My best PC collection
Kolekce od: FiR3FoX Swe
The Pc Game to look after on Steam is Hellgate, look at it and see for your self! =)
Notable Greenlight titles
Kolekce od: Pabo
A list of Greenlight titles that appeal to me and look interesting/promising. Most will be coming to Linux or have at least a port planned later on.
Greenlight Games
Kolekce od: AssassinGhost18
COol games
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