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GreenLight Awesomness
Kolekce od uživatele ミ Mr Zombie 彡
If I have added a game from GreenLight here then it Stand out from the others and is worth following! If your considering asking me to view/rate your game I am not responsible for you feelings ;p
Stunning Greenlight games
Kolekce od uživatele Nophex
These are the Greenlight greats. Stunning Gameplay,Visuals, deep focus on symolism or aesthetically grand. This collection contains what I define as works of art
Waffle's Picks
Kolekce od uživatele {Anti} Ani
DaNk GrEeNlIt GaMeS
Kolekce od uživatele juan
nOiCe dAnk GrEenliT gAymemes
Games i would buy
Kolekce od uživatele Eckhunter
This is games from steams greenlight that i have taken a look at and thinks it could be fun playing and will prob buy and try it out when released on steam.
Armaan's Picks
Kolekce od uživatele armaankhan
This is just the games I'd like to see released on Steam. Just like every other collection.
Doppelzett's Greenlight Collection
Kolekce od uživatele Doppelzett
A collection of various voteworthy Greenlight items!
Jogos Steam Green
Kolekce od uživatele 7HUND3R
Games = D
Artsy Games
Kolekce od uživatele thesmuggley
Here lies a collection of promising games, which have an "artsy" form. This can range anywhere from simply the art in the game to the storyline. FYI the games within are not my own, and are property of their creators.
Something To Play
Kolekce od uživatele New2disK
[My collection consist of every type of game style and Software Games that I've pick will totally make your day. These games might not be fun but there enjoyable enough that'll keep you busy for hours if not weeks
Good GameS
Kolekce od uživatele ZoXaN:D
shadowbow7458 Awaiting release games
Kolekce od uživatele shadowbow7458
Please vote these games
Hidden Treasures
Kolekce od uživatele Demon_Dice
For games that are on the weird side but have a lot of promise for fun. These are for games that look like they’ll be overlooked at a first glance.
SYG11's Greenlight
Kolekce od uživatele SYG11
The Games That I (and maybe my friends) Want to be a Steam game!
Kolekce od uživatele Lius
GreenLight Games which Definately need to be Greenlgihted
Kolekce od uživatele 2dgamemania
I'm going to set out by finding greenlight games which are created by 1 or 2 people that deservice to be in this collection, games that clearly can be seen as having alot of work put in, graphics dont matter so much but as long as theres gameplay and devel
Potential Greats
Kolekce od uživatele Aries
Games I believe to have a potential impact in the future for gamers. They could even change the way we accept and play games in the future.
Classic Bit Gaming
Kolekce od uživatele DragonK
A great collection of platformers that both are nostalgic and fresh.
Awesome new games
Kolekce od uživatele ScreaM
Hardcore Games
Kolekce od uživatele ThunderGemios10
This is a collection of Hardcore Games.
Animal's Party Games Collection
Kolekce od uživatele Daniboy do Sertão (Creep X-9)
Welcome to my collection of party games, where I chose the games are adventure, action, fps, racing, strategy, and other categories. Here there is no games and no false poorly presented. I have hope for this collection and I hope you guys enjoy our party!...
Eyes On
Kolekce od uživatele Rozei
Games that i personally think have a chance.
Things I want
Kolekce od uživatele nz.gaymer
Stuff I would love to play
R@!NBRO$ Approved
Kolekce od uživatele R@!NBRO$
My collection of Greenlit items tend to be mostly Indie and Action games. I choose these items based on what seems the most impressive, well thought out, and fun. These are the games that I hope to eventually see out on the Steam Market and be avalible f
Awesome games
Kolekce od uživatele canisbaba
This collection is one made of memorable and fun games.
awsome games i thumbs up
Kolekce od uživatele LEVEL:3 MOIBLEIZED TURRET
this is a collection of games thats realy is awesome and very stragety and puzzle like. also sometimes creative games are added.
Sauce's Picks
Kolekce od uživatele Sauce
These are games that interest me, the SauceBoss.
Kolekce od uživatele H3LLxR4Z3R
This collection is an extesive list of the games that (in my opinion) are the most promising to be great indie titles. I've carefully combed through ALL of the Greenlight games up to 5:44 PM 7 Nov. 2013 and MORE will be added to this collection soon.
Kolekce od uživatele ANappyNerdGirl
I would buy
Kolekce od uživatele ☣-Almoace-☣
Games I would buy :D
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