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Zeromus47's Favorite Greenlight Games
Kolekce od: zeromus47
Games I follow
Kolekce od: Itsun
Shadocel's Collection
Kolekce od: Arkadia Shadowhart
All the games I want to see/play.
World War II
Kolekce od: Güber
These are World War II themed games. These games are beautiful and extremely fun!
Só os fodas
Kolekce od: Pero, The Legendary Spellsword
Hard Work I Will Shell Out the Cash For
Kolekce od: Christ Catnap
If it ain't on this list, it ain't on my mind.
Kolekce od: DJP0N3 the R3CL4IM3R
it is all the half lifes
Lix Collection
Kolekce od: Lix
Kolekce od: ^1Sion
einfach goil
Siggi's Choice.
Kolekce od: Siggi Windklotz
These Games were chosen by Siggi Windklotz himself (if this was made by Hafenmeister or Omycron it would be an aweful collection). He thought he could show you which games look good, so that you can vote for them. What are you waiting for, vote for these ...
Kolekce od: Baron Harkonnen
A list of (hopefully) upcoming CCG games on steam.
MoaXing Gaming's Greenlight Picks
Kolekce od: WaftiestMinge
Hi guys I'm MoaXing from YouTube. This collection features Half-Life 2 mods and other indie titles. It's a little bit of everything so there should be something for everyone. I like to be involved in indie titles and these are just a few that I think look...
Games that give the "Mark of a True Gamer"
Kolekce od: BreakingPhobias
The following games are so stunning, engaging, creative and addictive, they will not only keep you coming back for more but also bestow upon thee the Mark of a True Gamer; wear it with pride~.
Pumpkin's Little Patch of Adventure
Kolekce od: Vivian Ironstar
Here in my patch you'll find the plumpest of pumpkins just ripe for the picking. Only games that that test your grit or have fire and explsions make my list. Of course, a little mental challenge every now and then couldn't hurt, right? I might be wrong ...
Interesting Games
Kolekce od: onlyoneguardian
Casual games that can be played with friends. Some games may be played competitively. Others may be solo or novel based games.
Kolekce od: Ne0
Kolekce od: gook
Games That Aren't Revelations 2012
These games aren't Revelations 2012. Any game not on this list is Revelations 2012.
things to look forward too
Kolekce od: guyoh4000
keep track of these!
Лучшие игры 2013-2014 года
Kolekce od: rodionmaksimo2000
It would be awfully convenient for this to be on Steam, since I've already bought it.
Kolekce od: [xAD] Infinite stasis
greenlight 01
Kolekce od: holger_rach
Kolekce od: 3a4eM
vot tak vot
Kolekce od: Senzeeh
nice greenlight title
Kolekce od: a_rotten_egg_fart
geile indiegames von greenlight
GhostlyNut's Collection
Kolekce od: ALEXSMART
The stuff I like
Kolekce od: TalipedCornetGaming
Kolekce od: 333
Awesome Gamez
Kolekce od: ♗XxPhantomRoguexX♝
Just some Gamez :D
GL Collection
Kolekce od: Спиро
Коллекция для разнообразных предметов и прочего по просьбе GL
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