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Kolekce od: KORROSS
Тут будут игры которые я хочу что бы были сделаны.
Juegos que espero con ansias
Kolekce od: Agenor999
Kolekce od: TheWickedM
Indie Game
Kolekce od: KIRILLCHAN
Игры от независимых разработчиков
Kolekce od: ВельПохер
TOP 3 Steam Greenlight -
Kolekce od: KabumDa
Todos os jogos já mostrados no TOP 3 Steam Greenlight do canal estão reunidos aqui. Merecem uma olhadinha e seu voto, ajude a termos mais jogos de qualidade =)
Windows Into Hell
Kolekce od: Pennywise
Steam calls the picture you use to represent a game on Greenlight a "Branding Image". Ideally because the image accurately conveys and sells your project, not because it presses against your soul until it leaves its own afterimage as an irrevocable scar. ...
Kolekce od: Bop.Orlando Bloom
Top 5 Greenlight Games
Kolekce od: John_Bigless CZ/ENG
The Five Games That I Most Like
Greenlight 'Em!
Kolekce od: Faele
Some cool games to check out. :)
Gurmanaffe Explores collectorama
Kolekce od: radvalom
This is a collection of only a few of my screenshots for Gurmanaffe Explores. I can't wait until the game is approved to be here on Steam! My gaming series is revolutionary, and I'm 99% confident that you will vote my gaming series as one of the Top 10 of...
Non-annoying Games on Greenlight
Kolekce od: retroquark
After browsing through the Greenlight menu a couple of times, motivated by a euphoric rush after imagining a future where customers would actually have some degree of input when it comes to which titles and entertainment products would be made into "hits"...
lol test
Kolekce od: Chibini
lololo just testing
Greenlight Favorites
Kolekce od: GloriousCurlyMop
the greatest collection in the history
Kolekce od: dantexjamuba
my colecction games is awesome u can believe its!!?
Steamify this.
Kolekce od: Kryzoid
A collection of titles that Kryzoid desperately wants to throw his money at. You should vote for them.
Favorite game i want on steam
Kolekce od: Airtay
This is just a collection of the games that i want to come to steam, you can browse and hopfuly help them com e too :D
Collections Tab
Kolekce od: T-Ginko
Kolekce od: Nobunaga Oda
Kolekce od: Alex Kik
The collection of Russian maniac
Kolekce od: [KGB] Comrade Alex
Kolekce od: Wk.-
North American gamers are finally able to get their hands on Elsword, a side-scroller similar to Grand Chase and Fists of Fu. With a manga series already running in Asia, Elsword is a popular franchise which offers players story-driven action with various...
Cronos Dage Bundle
Kolekce od: Cronos
Kolekce od: Lark Alfen <3 fuuko
Elsword is Anime side-scroll 3D mmo and i love the gameplay and how u fight and everythang about it
Kolekce od: dantexjamuba
Kolekce od: Abel The Bloodedge
Kolekce od: SBBen0o
Elsword, pretty cool game
What Elsword does on his free time...
Kolekce od: Eurodrake
Come and see the games that Elsword likes to play when he has some downtime.
Hack'n Slash with Elsword
Kolekce od: Zaelleon
Hack, slash, jump and shoot your way through these action packed platformers, RPGs and awesome beat'em ups and adventure titles!
big rob's collection
Kolekce od: sstrunks2005
i love games and elsword
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