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Kolekce od uživatele KyM
Kolekce od uživatele Pat
King Toko's Best of The Best
Kolekce od uživatele Toko
The King Toko's Best of The Best collection highlights the games that I feel should be liked. I will be adding more Steamlight games to the collection as they become available. Why look through all the bad games when I can do if for you? Go to http:/
Puzzle Games
Kolekce od uživatele Keys
A collection of puzzle games, because believe it or not there is no Puzzle Genre on Greenlight. If anyone believes they have a game that fits into this collection please email me at and I will add it for you.
Kinologik, IndieDev Manly Cheerleading Services
Kolekce od uživatele kinologik
I will fight your enemies with my moustache and entertain strangers about your awesomeness while you develop your games (which are, of course, the most ming-blowing, life-altering pieces of gaming art and unadulterated fun this side of Steam).
Independent Truck Company Car
Kolekce od uživatele AleksandrBolev
Collector's Edition
Kolekce od uživatele It's a Crime
It is my collection..that is what makes it special.
My Likes
Kolekce od uživatele Kitsy
I just add anything here i think looks awesome! ^^,
Arcade air/space shooters
Kolekce od uživatele White Spirit
Space Anomaly
Kolekce od uživatele SpaceAnomaly
Games i want to make it
Kolekce od uživatele Zaraki Snakenoman
greenlight games that have a awesome chance to come to steam i dont mind buying
Tywyllach's Greenlight Collection
Kolekce od uživatele Overcooked Pineapple
Games you should vote for or check out :D Tried to add most of the games that I thought were noteable but some aren't on Greenlight. So the few that aren't on I'll just add them in the descrpition. I'll update from time to time. - Moon Hunters (Kic
The games i would play on steam
Kolekce od uživatele Mario | escravo do PoE
just a collection with the games i would like on my steam xd
Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Regia
Kolekce od uživatele Slesreth Kalinova
Visual Novel Support Collection
Greenlight Collection (Support them with a YES)
Kolekce od uživatele Zonacas
Coleccion :)
OverLord's Favorite
Kolekce od uživatele Nova ● OverLord ★ [Bz]
OverLord'un sizler için seçtikleri.
best of Greenlight!
Kolekce od uživatele DeathBat
Here will be the best games of Steam Greenlight, track and see which games are worth it! Every day, the games posted on the greenlight will be evaluated, and the best of course, will come here Aqui estarão os melhores jogos da Steam Greenlight, a
Indie Games
Kolekce od uživatele Kannon.
Jur1z's Greenlight pick ups
Kolekce od uživatele Jur1z
Best Food↝
Kolekce od uživatele Noctis バニー
I've spent my life playing many types of Bullet Hell games. So I leave this list as my favorite Bullet Hell games that are published in Greenlight. I will update the list eventually~
ruby geridos
Kolekce od uživatele IFISH57
Killing Floor 2 Katana
Kolekce od uživatele SaSHA <3 Nejc
Set in Space
Kolekce od uživatele Necroheadbanger
The Space, the lonely and infinite space. This is a collection of games set in space that want to get greenlit
Kolekce od uživatele lil boat
The absolute worst of the worst or games that are notably bad in a funny way. Featured on
Kolekce od uživatele heaveN |
Grand Thef Auto SA Map Editor Closed alpha v0.32
Kolekce od uživatele |eX| ConnorJ1985
Smudge Smash
Kolekce od uživatele blackfalconuk
Collection of Games and Mods I think are awesome
Kolekce od uživatele Ĵetоη
Она просто изи
Türk Yapımı Oyunlar
Kolekce od uživatele Yabancı
Steamde beğendiğim Türk yapımı oyunlar.
Air games
Kolekce od uživatele Quake
All Air Games here!
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