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Greenlit games
Kolekce od: lowerydrew76
fan made games
Alekyproof Indie Titles
Kolekce od: Name
These games are the ones that are in the Greenlight and that I would love to have them here on Steam
Awesome RPG's
Kolekce od: Rashura
List of awesome rpg and old skool platformers to relive the epic nes, snes, gameboy advance days.
Kolekce od: That Guy
Indie games
Kolekce od: Audio Video
Cool indie games!
Kolekce od: crazydcomix
Hi, I`m a young man who love to make and pay video games. You will realize that some of the games in this collection will actually be just as big of hits as many other great games I`ve seen on steam so far. some games might not do as well as others in thi...
Kolekce od: FrasierEd
Kolekce od: yadni is ♥ .. シ
help me to get badge
Kolekce od: ImSoFamousDaily
Games that I would like to get
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