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The BEST RPGs on Greenlight
Kolekce od: Unit9 Apps
This collection will look to collate all the best RPG games on Steam Greenlight
The Greats (May 2014)
Kolekce od: Unknown_Kadath
A collection of great greenlight games i think deserve support in making it onto steam. I own none of this content, these games are the products of their individual developers. This list will be updated sometime in the near future. Be sure to favorite thi...
Kolekce od: Neo
Juegos PC
Kolekce od: terraoblivionis
Favorite games
Kolekce od: BlackTiger
Juegos Interesantes
Kolekce od: Demond95
Things I want
Kolekce od: FireFrozen
Mi colección
Kolekce od: Lyraull
Testeando este espacio o_o
Kolekce od: ricardodgecosta
Traditional Roguelikes on Steam Greenlight
Kolekce od: artcepse
This collection highlights roguelike games with classical gameplay on Steam Greenlight (and that have yet to be Greenlit). In other words, games that have these traits: • complex, strategic, turn-based gameplay • permadeath • procedural genera...
Survival Games
Kolekce od: Doesn't Even Care
Games that look like dayZ or stalker.
Kolekce od: Error 404
Games I am watching
Kolekce od: Asax0
This is a collection of games that I seriously like the look of. I am watching these games to see where they go.
Kolekce od: uyojimbo
Kolekce od: AndreaPit
Jueqos que quiero
Kolekce od: «XF»Gato :3
bueno solo quiero estos juegos ya porque se ven buenos
Game Testing
Kolekce od: MegaDork67
Games that I want to play as beta before they come out on steam.
The games i would play on steam
Kolekce od: Mario-KFC
just a collection with the games i would like on my steam xd
Garry´s mod
Kolekce od: superman1de
Kolekce od: =[o.W.n]=BMW X6
Mine new collection for greenlight with nice games :D I like workshop and greenlight becuse u can rate item or game
Kolekce od: olegolehua
Kolekce od: Dimastika
My Collection - Greenlight Games
Kolekce od: qtamir1
I am trying to collect the best games that should be on steam or the best games that are already on steam so it is kind of a mix... Enjoy and you are welcome to offer me games to add.
Kolekce od: rollsantista
Kolekce od: Ravs
99's Collection
Kolekce od: [ShakesPub] General Sir Boss
this is a thing that im going to have on my Steam
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit
Kolekce od: [OsR]Maverik770
Games That Deserve To Be Greenlit. There is so much crap that gets approved through Greenlight while hundreds of really good games and projects get log jammed in the process. This is a list of games that I feel really deserve to be Greenlit. So up vote th...
Kolekce od: BaPeHa9 MaKaKa
Pure Puzzles
Kolekce od: ks
No jumping or running around mazes, no time limits, no gimmicks. This is a collection of pure puzzles which favor thought over reflexes, If you love: * SpaceChem ( * Hexcells Plus (
Kolekce od: [E]xecutioner¸.•'¯)
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