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Kolekce od: T❽XﭑC
Promising games...
Kolekce od: ︻デ═一`҉ pleß
Title implies what this collection is about, retard...
Karate Ni Sente Nashi
Kolekce od: Fil
Kolekce od: gogol1er
horror survie
Paco's Collection
Kolekce od: Eladhan
Kolekce od: Dón Rátary!!!
Kolekce od: Kiwi
These games have appealed to me in some way, and I really look forward to trying them out.
hzeros greenlight
Kolekce od: Zeros h_z WCG2k11 Korea
Juegos a los que he jugado y recomiendo
Old Game
Kolekce od: INFERNOAM
Old Game
Collection nr. 02193231
Kolekce od: GeneralLightstar
Collection nr. 02193231
Prizmatronic Collection
Kolekce od: Ekskafeas
Only the best!!!
My Collection
Kolekce od: Revan1611
You want them!
Kolekce od: Atraz
Kolekce od: Brad McQuaid
A collection of the best-of, must-have, and now-trending Steam Greenlight titles.
The CLAD GreenLight Collection
Kolekce od: ECHO MontyDyson
A collection showing the games that any members of The CLAD have played with Steam's GreenLight service. Check Them Out!
Lonewolf's Collection
Kolekce od: Lonewolf
Rpg i would like to play
Kolekce od: flwrkd
Anime graphics collection
Kolekce od:
Stutz:action,adventure and RPG Collection
Kolekce od: DerStutz
This is a Collection of games i find great. games that have a uniqueness to them, in design and gameplay. games that look stylish and odd.
Indie novelties
Kolekce od: Phil Willis
I'm tired of zombies. I'm tired of shooters. I'm tired of shooters with zombies. Here's a list of games that actually sound novel and worth playing.
MR Favorite
Kolekce od: МИАХИЛ
This collection is about games what I like to see in steam
Mindez's Greenlight Picks
Kolekce od: Mindez
I'm a Let's Player on Youtube and these are the games I'd most like to see on Greenlight come to Steam!
Saucy's List of 'Simulation' Games That He Finds Most Exciting
Kolekce od: [Real Crumbs] Saucy
These are games I found within 'Simulation' that I am most excited about.
Luigi's favorites
Kolekce od: Luigisopa
Personal favorite gems on Greenlight :D Most of them need more upvotes... TOP 10 Games: A Walk in the Dark Anodyne (Demo included!) Box Life InFlux Incredipede Delver qrth-phyl TowerClimb Snayke Miasmata
like A dream
Kolekce od: Really Mad ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
Vehicles&Machine Sim
Kolekce od: Binco
Cool games
Kolekce od: catcall
Cool looking new games
Kolekce od: ♦Rickeh♦
Games from DigiPen alumni
Kolekce od: Lo-Fi
This is a collection of all of the games that are created by DigiPen Insitute of Technology alumni. DigiPen students have gone on to create games such as Portal and Portal 2, Distance, and Habitat.
Rocking Platformers
Kolekce od: KamikaziKali
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