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Racing Games
Kolekce od uživatele [ST-B] Spammie
A collection of potentially good racing games on steam greenlight.
Greenlight Love
Kolekce od uživatele Seddi
I have a terrible short-term memory, and often find myself remarking upon games I was rooting for making it, then promptly forgotting in my often hectic day-to-day. This is a list of all the delightful things I've set my sights on and am dying to see come
Kolekce od uživatele trepid_jon
Chaos is among us. More info coming real soon. From old Trepidation -- -- a mod intended for Half-Life and now Source, to Fortress Forever, Vice and Virtue, Rescue Love Revenge
The Best of Steam Greenlight
Kolekce od uživatele Shini
This is the collection of the best things that can be found on Steam Greenlight. Greenlit, or not.
Aus Indies
Kolekce od uživatele AstroZero
A collection of Australian/New Zealand made indie games showcased at PAX Aus.
Games Sponsored By That's Game Bro
Kolekce od uživatele Batugane
Games That Are Sponsored By ThatsGameBro.Com ThatsGameBro.Com Sponsorluğundaki Oyunlar
Anime And Stuff
Kolekce od uživatele NGNL.Sora
Spiele, bei denen einem das Herz aus der Seele springt
Kolekce od uživatele
Horrorspiele OHNE Zombies
Indicados pelo KabumDa XD
Kolekce od uživatele KabumDa
Seleção de simuladores e jogos de corrida indicados pelo KabumDa o// Vamos ajudar pequenas empresas, com jogos bons, a chegarem no Steam (e termos promoções a preço de banana XD) Siga no youtube:
GreenLight Finest
Kolekce od uživatele Vailalex
The ''potential" best you can find on Greenlight. Weekly recap each Sunday.
Games I want
Kolekce od uživatele Kai Wu
Lots of good indie games
Dat games!
Kolekce od uživatele Fazzer1337
DAT DAT DAT gameeeees
Can you play a game without the use of your eyes?
Kolekce od uživatele Idea Cabin
You've relied on your eyes since birth, how will you survive without them?
Promising Artistic Works in Progress
Kolekce od uživatele Altair22
Shmups and more
Kolekce od uživatele KUZE
shoot ’em up STG
Stuff I worked on
Kolekce od uživatele Ethosaur
Some of the games/mods I have worked on or am working on.
Noaksey's Greenlight Collection
Kolekce od uživatele Noaksey
Thank you for checking out my collection ^_^ As some of your reading this may / may not know I am a massive fan and promoter of Indie Games. If you would like to see just how involved I am well you can check it out here :-
Greenlit MMOs
Kolekce od uživatele Jaedia
Visual Novels
Kolekce od uživatele Yuji Kaido
Bundled Games
Kolekce od uživatele Dwolfy
Games the were included in bundles, with promissed keys after release on Steam.
Pony approved online MMOs
Kolekce od uživatele [MLP] Queen Chrysaliz ~
Pretty much the best Online Multi player games that you can play on a computer or laptop, and other games that are interesting.
Kolekce od uživatele | ZkyPlayz |
Kolekce od uživatele madkingdom
Absolute Gems of the Indie Horror, crazy Puzzles, and Intricate thoughts.
WanderRook's pick
Kolekce od uživatele WanderRook
Thanks for your upvotes for this colletion :). #wanderrook
Kolekce od uživatele Heyqx! Greenlight Favs
Kolekce od uživatele Ai Fuu
Collection of the current Greenlight Favourite Games by
Driv3n greenlight games from bundles
Kolekce od uživatele Driv3n``.
Here my list of my greenlight games, bought on differents bundles. I'm waiting them steam keys.
Lola's favorite finds
Kolekce od uživatele Lola
I've been playing games for decades, I currently work for MWEB GameZone as a video games journalist and I cover eSports for Bravado Gaming. If there's one thing I know, it's video games.
Thunderbolt Greenlight Collection
Kolekce od uživatele Calvin
pixel pack
Kolekce od uživatele Borkupine
a pack of pixelated games bring back the pixel days
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