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3D First Person Games of Different Kinds
Kolekce od: vtastek
3D First Person Survivals, RPGs, Puzzles, Simulations, Immersive Sims, Tactical Shooters...
Kolekce od: borvid
The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"
Kolekce od: Sith Lord SnowZZilla
買ります 今からだけ買ります
must have
Kolekce od: dr.scratch77
Игры в которые стоит поиграть!!!
Kolekce od: alekseys08
Kolekce od: Borja
Juegos interesantes
Best of greenlight
Kolekce od: rambo
After going through all the games theese are my pearsonal favourites.
Arse Turnips (Games I'd like)
Kolekce od: Piehands
Just a collection of games I've come across (fnarr) on Greenlight that I'd really like to own.
Retro Goodness
Kolekce od: Karyyk
Must-have retro-themed titles on Steam (or Greenlight).
Greenlit RPG & Adventure
Kolekce od: ☜═ NѺMѦD ═☞
Greenlight Creative
Kolekce od: Seigo (勝利)
Greenlight Smurf Slayer
Kolekce od: Smurf Slayer
These are RPG games that I really like and hope that they will be popular enough to actract the distribution of Steam! (I hope they will have Steam Achievements to unlock also!!) Cheers Smurf Slayer.
Kolekce od: Inuyashatheborg
games im interested in :D
Green Gems
Kolekce od: Lionheart
Green Gems scours the 8 corners of Greenlight to find the most promising games.
WalBao's greenlight collection
Kolekce od: WalBao
Here I keep greenlight games that piqued my interest in one way or another. Horror games, simulations, rpgesque stuff, action, indies the good stuff in general. Multiplayer / co-op is desireable but not necessary.
Kova's crème de la crème
Kolekce od: Kovaelin
/|/|y personal picks of the best games that deserve more coverage than they currently have, based on encounters with news articles over time.
Games worth a thumbs up.
Kolekce od: paul+
Kolekce od: Autositz
Items of interest.
Kolekce od: SlickSamurai
les bons plans!
Kolekce od: Sam Suphit
les jeux que je trouves bien,mais je n'ai pas encore fait le tour de tous ceux mis à disposition...
Games I Want
Kolekce od: ☮ORBITAL☮
This is a collectionof games that i want to see suceed in the industry, none of which i have created but am interested in seeing if they are backed well, or could be intergrated into other games to create a whole new experience.
Games by White Giant RPG Studios
Kolekce od: JoshMellon
White Giant RPG Studios, LLC arose from the desire to share the final result of over three-thousand hours of intensive development, a dedicated army of game testers, countless refinements, and extensive gaming experience. The final product is Last Dream, ...
Kolekce od: RadKit
Stuff I like on greenlight!
Games and other things that I want to be able to play on steam
Kolekce od: Aragorn2013swe9301roau
Games and other things that I want to be able to play on steam
The games that should make it to steam
Kolekce od: Aquarious
These are the game that should be brought tho the Steam shop.
Indie Games Searchlight's Greenlight Gumbo
Kolekce od: ADDatWork
Indie Games Searchlight is a YouTube series all about showing interesting and engaging Indie Games. This is stuff I've played, reviewed, previewed, or would love to see on steam! Note: No actual gumbo I'm hungry...
New / Indie
Kolekce od: devotchka0000
unlreleased / indie / greenlight
Green Listerino
Kolekce od: ArisuTowa
A compilation of adventure, survival, horror and other good indie games.'s Greenlight Picks
Kolekce od: ArchKali
Based on reviews and previews at IGR, here are our best bets for Steam's curent Greenlight offering. Visit or our sister site to search for reviews on many of the games currently listed in this collection an...
Jeux Greenlight
Kolekce od: ☢Shinigamis☢
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